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Articles about care of houseplants, flowers. Recommendations about cultivation of vegetables and fruit, useful tips according to the maintenance of a garden and kitchen garden.
Plants: all articles
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How to grow up pineapple
Как вырастить ананасNew year, Christmas, a train go celebrations. And on holiday tables there will be exotic entertainments – pineapples. These fruits similar to the big cones having "cop" bring to us from the tropical countries.
How to grow up a lemon in house conditions
Как вырастить лимон в домашних условияхIt is possible to regale on tasty fragrant lemons not only having bought them in the market, but also having broken from the own tree which is grown up directly on a window sill or on a balcony. It is necessary to wait for the first crop some years, but fruits will not be comparable to taste with the store.
Useful properties of lentil
Полезные свойства чечевицыLentil (the old Slavic name - a sochevitsa) is mentioned in the X-XII centuries, and in the XV century was widely adopted. Before revolution Russia was the first country on cultivation of this culture, occupied 85% of world export. On taste and on nutritious qualities won first place. It was used as the main component in soups and soups, porridges.
Useful properties of a coco
Полезные свойства кокосаToday a coco – any more not a rarity and not exotic, it it is possible to meet on a counter practically of any grocery shop. But nevertheless most of people perceives it still only as a delicacy from which make shaving for various culinary masterpieces. And after all except pleasant and specific taste, at a coco is also useful properties.
Useful properties of a thyme
Полезные свойства тимьянаIf you are given a cup of herbal tea with strong spicy aroma, it is possible to be sure, the thyme is its part. Many know this grass under the name "thyme" and difficult with something to mix its pleasant smell. But except aroma, this plant possesses also useful properties with which, knows
Semyon Chia
Семена ЧиаUse of useful properties of seeds of the Chia, often it is called still the Spanish sage, goes to depth of centuries. Still our ancient ancestors - Inca, Maya and Aztecs considered these seeds as the main in the food, along with corn and haricot.
Treatment chistotely
Лечение чистотеломIn ancient times Greeks noticed such fact that when swallows fly - starts blossoming chistotet and when they go on the South, it withers. Therefore they also gave this plant the name "lastochkina grass". And in the Russian medicine "chistotet" the name a grass received thanks to the medicinal properties.
Useful properties of cinnamon
Полезные свойства корицыMany eat every day cinnamon in dishes and do not even suspect, how many the useful is covered in this overseas plant. As showed researches of scientists, thanks to useful properties of this seasoning it is possible to stop development of diabetes, to improve blood circulation and to stimulate work of a brain.
Useful properties of a St. John's Wort
Полезные свойства зверобояThose who is fond of treatment of herbs, know, how many the advantage is covered in small solar florets of a St. John's Wort. Legends go that the plant it came from blood and a feather of a lightning bird who was wounded in flight. And therefore to it attributed opportunity to expel evil ghosts. People put a grass in footwear or caps that did not maleficiate them.
Advantage of avocado
Польза авокадоA few years ago many of us even did not know about existence of avocado. We managed then the vegetables and fruit – potato, a radish, cucumbers, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, strawberry. In the people believed that all of them primordially Russian. But historic facts say that almost all food which are fallen in love to us – newcomers from the overseas countries.
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