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Culinary recipes of dishes and useful tips on their preparation. You learn how to cook various soups and salads, meat and fish, garnishes and sauces, desserts and cocktails. National dishes and their ornament.
Cookery: all articles
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Cherry pie of Pancho
Вишневый торт ПанчоThis pie – my darling from all confectionery variety. First, I prefer sweet in combination with sourish juicy taste of fruit, a large number of nuts. Secondly, this recipe is rather simple even for the beginner, and the result will not leave indifferent any guest. So if you plan a celebration, safely note this recipe.
How to prepare beetroot soup
Как приготовить свекольникIn the summer when on the street hot and stuffy, there is no wish to prepare at all. Even there is that-go hot and "heavy" not a hunting. Here is how time will be suitable for such cases cold soup irreplaceable in the summer. But I suggest you to prepare not okroshka and not an overseas gazpacho, but beetroot soup. This dish subdued me from the first spoon, and now I prepare its every summer.
Recipe of marrow caviar
Рецепт кабачковой икрыI since the childhood very much loved marrow caviar. But even more often caviar nice by sight disappointed in bank with the taste. And here I aimed to find the recipe of that of "tasty marrow caviar from the childhood". And I found it! With pleasure I will share all secrets with readers how to prepare caviar which can be eaten with spoons, to smear on bread, and it is possible to close in jars.
The stuffed vegetable marrows baked in an oven
Фаршированные кабачки, запеченные в духовкеDuring a season of vegetable marrows simply it is necessary to prepare such tasty dish as the stuffed vegetable marrows baked in an oven. The vegetable marrows prepared thus turn out very nourishing and tasty. They can be eaten and in hot, and cold. And on preparation of the stuffed vegetable marrows at you not a lot of time will leave.
How to make the menu for a week
Как составить меню на неделюAfter the birth of the baby of time for housekeeping began not to be enough catastrophically, and to remain the good hostess there was a strong wish. It was necessary to optimize a number of house processes. One of ways to save time and forces became drawing up the menu for a week. Process is quite labor-consuming, the original version of the menu will undergo changes and more than once, but it is worth it.
Recipes of alcoholic cocktails
Рецепты алкогольных коктейлейFor many of us the word "cocktail" strongly is associated with restaurant, bar, night club. But you can recreate the necessary atmosphere of a holiday in house conditions. Some experimental compoundings and a little practicians will give you huge pleasure, and relatives, undoubtedly, will estimate a new side of your culinary talent.
How to prepare a mannik
Как приготовить манникMannik which recipe of preparation I want to offer you, reminds very tasty biscuit. Unsophisticated tasters, tasting this pie, do not even guess that in it is not present gram of a flour, and very much are surprised, having learned about it. To pitch mannik nearly an every week. This pie forced out napoleona and the Prague pies which from year to year we had on a holiday table.
Preparation of ice cream in house conditions
Приготовление мороженого в домашних условияхThis recipe of ice cream incredibly simple and fast. When I for the first time in house conditions prepared on it, I had big doubts, and whether ice cream will turn out, this recipe seemed to me too simple. But my fears did not come true, this really frozen moreover and very tasty. Therefore safely start, and you will not regret!
The recipe of the sea zander baked with mushrooms
Рецепт морского судака, запеченного с грибамиSea zander – very tasty and useful fish. I advise to include in the menu of a dish from this fish everything who keeps the figure, after all this fish is rich with protein, but practically does not contain fat. I want to suggest readers of to prepare the sea zander baked with mushrooms. This dish quite simply prepares, but it turns out very tasty.
How to look after a tea mushroom
Как ухаживать за чайным грибомThe tea mushroom lives in nutritious solution which consists of tea tea leaves and sugar. In 3-7 days of fruitful work sweet tea leaves turn into the most valuable sourish and sweet drink. To look after a tea mushroom and to prepare infusion on its basis absolutely simply. It is necessary to find a mushroom only. It is not sold in shops, and handed over, dividing a maternal mushroom.
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