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Councils for the solution of problems in the field of medical ethics, to a choice of healthy food, prevention of an allergy and another is much.
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Who needs plastic surgery
Кому нужна пластическая хирургияWho from us at least once in life did not dream to correct something in own appearance? Too wide or long nose does not arrange someone, someone does not like the bulged ears or excessive rotundity of hips or a stomach. Of course, the decision is made for itself(himself) by everyone, but is ready to share information on plastic surgery.
Exercises for eyes
Упражнения для глазFeelings as if in eyes filled sand are familiar to all of us. It by all means comes after long reading the book, after long work on the computer. Yes, your eyes were tired and demand restoration. will tell how to fight against dryness, an inflammation, irritation and fatigue of eyes by means of exercises and the weakening massage.
First-aid treatment at changes
Оказание первой помощи при переломахYou go, look around, poskalzyvatsya and fall on a hand or are even worse – sit down on a foot, as a result – the closed fracture of a hand or foot. How to work at least to relieve pain so far eat to the next first-aid post? Today in article for the magazine we will consider, what rules of first aid you can render to the victim at a change.
First aid at burns
Первая помощь при ожогахExists some type of burns: thermal, electrothermal, solar and chemical burns. Rules for first-aid treatment at this or that look are also various. Today in article for the magazine we will in detail stop on consideration of rules of first-aid treatment at burns.
How to protect sight from influence of the monitor
Как защитить зрение от влияния монитораAny devices for display of visual information do harm to human eyes. To present our modern life without TV or the computer already it is impossible. It is necessary only – to protect as much as possible one exit eyes from the harmful factors created by the monitor of the computer and the screen of the TV.
Selection of contact lenses
Подбор контактных линзThe most ancient way of correction of sight – to points is succeeded by more technological today: contact lenses, and also surgical intervention (laser correction). In this article will tell how it is correct to choose contact lenses.
How to get rid of snore
Как избавиться от храпаPeople who intrude upon night leisure these sounds, seldom notice own snore. Usually those also stirs a coma, this snore, feel on themselves all "delights" of night songs. And not only because snore has an unpleasant combination of sounds for our ear from what other person long does not manage to fall asleep. Besides, foreign sounds simply disturb a normal dream.
How to get rid of sleeplessness
Как избавиться от бессонницыHow often you are tormented by sleeplessness? We hope it at you an unusual occurrence. Because if sleeplessness becomes chronic, hardly simple reading literature on traditional medicine it will be possible to get rid of it.
Transportation of patients
Перевозка больныхIn transit the victim or the patient should be remembered that the most important – not to worsen its state and not to do additional injuries. Those people who prefer to transport patients by own efforts, first of all, confer on themselves the huge responsibility.
Medical secret and HIV / AIDS in Ukraine
Врачебная тайна и ВИЧ / СПИД на УкраинеArrival of the sick person to the doctor - an event in itself sacred which can be compared from a secret confession. Collecting from sick data for especially medical purposes, the doctor it is free or involuntarily faces with deeply personal or even intimate information. The doctor becomes the witness of that patients hide even from relatives to them people.
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