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Councils for treatment and prevention of diseases. Besides you will find useful information about symptoms and the possible reasons of diseases in the section. In total for preservation of your health!
Diseases: all articles
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How to get rid of heartburn
Как избавиться от изжогиHeartburn – already one this word causes nervous trembling and a distortion. If you thought that it torments only you, you deeply were mistaken. Practically every second person on the planet sometime felt this unpleasant feeling – discomfort and burning on all gullet, behind a breast or in the top part of a stomach. Heartburn it is possible and it is necessary to prevent and treat.
How to bring down high temperature at the child
Как сбить высокую температуру у ребенкаAll parents know that the increased temperature is a strong indication of trouble in an organism of the kid. You should not be frightened it, but also it is impossible to ignore. To work competently, the main thing correctly to learn, to distinguish, on what specifies temperature increase. And most often temperature increases against an infectious disease.
Treatment of scarlet fever
Лечение скарлатиныAs it is considered to be scarlet fever a children's infectious disease, it is necessary to know to parents about this illness especially as symptoms of scarlet fever are easily recognized. Agree, it is warned – means it is armed. You should not be afraid of this disease in spite of the fact that more than a century ago from scarlet fever children often perished, today treatment does not cause difficulties.
Treatment of mycosis
Лечение микоза"Mycosis" – the harmless word can bring many troubles. There is dry a skin, on it there are cracks which itch, nail plates of hands and feet are surprised further. Concept this collective as there are more than 500 types of causative agents of a fungal infection. Therefore also diseases are called differently: candidiasis, epidermofitiya, herpeses, scab.
Treatment of a kuperoz
Лечение куперозаAll of us like to look at stars and asterisks, to dream and make wishes. But asterisks are not always so attractive and desired. There are vascular asterisks (them "wine spots", and scientifically – kuperoz still call). Here they bring them to owners and owners many sad minutes.
Nausea reasons
Причины тошноты Practically each person knows about the feelings connected with this word. And despite it very few people are capable to call this feeling pleasant. Nevertheless, nausea is a symptom of a number of pathological states and demands timely knocking over. Let's talk about the main reasons provoking development of nausea and reliable ways for a temporary relief of a state.
Inflammation of a sciatic nerve
Воспаление седалищного нерваThe inflammation of a sciatic nerve is a pathological state at which one of the largest and long nervous terminations in a human body is surprised. 1. Pain arising at pathology during the sharp period can be intensive, rather strong and expressed, extending on all foot.
Treatment of vasomotorial rhinitis
Лечение вазомоторного ринитаThe mechanism of developing of usual cold is known to everyone, it is worth overcooling and here it, the old acquaintance: the internal surface of a nose swells, it becomes difficult to breathe, release of slime from the nasal courses begins. However, the usual not complicated cold, passes within a week, and in it it favourably differs from vasomotorial rhinitis.
Treatment of antritis folk remedies
Лечение гайморита народными средствамиMany of us know about such disease as antritis firsthand. Most often it arises in a cold season and at untimely treatment can bring an array of problems and inconveniences. Often the disease is treated by national methods which effectively eliminate not only signs, but also the reason of formation of antritis.
How to cure cough
Как вылечить кашельAlready came a new season of colds into the own. Everywhere as newcomers walk about the coughing people with red noses which aim to infect us. And what prevents them to stay at home and be treated? We will not answer this question, but we will prompt some ways to cure cough available means. The most important in treatment of cough – the realized and considered approach to its treatment.
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