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Articles about care of houseplants, flowers. Recommendations about cultivation of vegetables and fruit, useful tips according to the maintenance of a garden and kitchen garden.
Plants: all articles
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Useful properties of a papaya
Полезные свойства папайиThe papaya is an interesting and unclear name which came to us from far away. This fruit possesses the mass of positive properties. It is used at observance of diets and treatment of many diseases. Today will tell you the main useful properties of a papaya.
Useful properties of a plantain
Полезные свойства подорожникаMany of us pass every day by this grass and do not even suspect, what useful properties are covered in a plantain. And after all practically each part of this plant conceals in itself medical force. The plantain has the knitting, styptic and wound healing properties. Will in more detail tell about it.
Useful properties of peas
Полезные свойства горохаPeas in Russia were one of the most favourite dishes. That only from it did not prepare: both porridges, and pies, and kissels, also did by a stuffing to pancakes and pies … There was even a pea cheese, but its recipe is actually lost today. And all this not without reason.
How to look after a cactus
Как ухаживать за кактусомThe cactus is "prickle" with gentle and vulnerable soul. Despite external "to the teeth the look armed", without due leaving the plant will inevitably be lost. will tell you that it is necessary to do, having brought home a small prickly ball.
How to look after a ficus
Как ухаживать за фикусомToday the interesting plant relating to numerous family mulberry to which the national rumor attributes many useful properties, nearly magic will be the hero of our article. And the plant is called a ficus, it lives in many houses where tremblingly and tenderness look after him.
Useful properties of corn
Полезные свойства кукурузыCorn – a plant which is known to people for a long time. The corn was eaten by all, both people, and animals. It not simply nourishing product from which it is possible to prepare a set of dishes, but also very useful.
Useful properties of carrots
Полезные свойства морковиThe maiden in a dungeon, and a braid on the street sits. And such this maiden ruddy, such juicy and appetizing - slobbers run! Whatever you may say, but the one who does not love carrot, loses a lot of things.
Useful properties of cloudberries
Полезные свойства морошкиWhat it, this unusual berry? Conversation on marsh berry – cloudberries is so much. That on possesses the mass of curative properties, it is capable to work wonders and helps people to get rid of many diseases. Whether so it? Give with we will understand it.
Useful properties of pine nuts
Полезные свойства кедровых ореховThe winter and New year at the senior generation is associated with the cedar cones which are carefully put in a children's gift. And in the cone, behind its scales, nuts disappear. Kernels small, but advantage in themselves conceal the huge. We think that it will be interesting to readers of to learn that their value contains in cedar nuts, in what as to apply them.
Useful properties of cardamom
Полезные свойства кардамонаFor a long time people use spices at preparation of dishes. Thanks to the fragrant burning taste, cardamom won popularity almost at all hostesses of our planet. And its useful properties do this spice also by the irreplaceable doctor. Today cardamom is widely used in medicine and cosmetology.
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