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Culinary recipes of dishes and useful tips on their preparation. You learn how to cook various soups and salads, meat and fish, garnishes and sauces, desserts and cocktails. National dishes and their ornament.
Cookery: all articles
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The recipe of a strudel with apples
Рецепт штруделя с яблокамиI think, each hostess heard about a dish under the name "Strudel" more than once. At someone this dish, maybe, quite often decorates a holiday table. Is not difficult to prepare a strudel at all, ingredients quite available, the dish turns out easy, but thus incredibly tasty. You will find the recipe of preparation of such strudel from an unleavened wheat cake with a stuffing from apples in this article.
What to prepare for dinner for the husband's parents
Что приготовить на ужин родителям мужаWith the advent of the serious relations the feeling of wings comes to life of the girl behind the back. But together with such improbable happiness there are situations at which it is necessary to be nervous and worry. One of such – the first invitation of his parents to you for dinner. In article the ready menu for dinner is offered, and also advice is given, on what it is necessary to lean at its planning.
Recipe of pumpkin cream soup
Рецепт тыквенного супа-пюреI read about medicinal properties of pumpkin much, but did not know that it not only a useful, but also tasty product. And once I cooked pumpkin soup, since then I use pumpkin as the main ingredient of many dishes constantly. Pumpkin cream soup – one of my favourite dishes. It quickly prepares, consists of inexpensive components and thus is incredibly useful.
Julienne with mushrooms
Жульен с грибамиIn this article I want to offer the recipe of a tasty julienne with champignons. This dish, undoubtedly, will subdue you the gentle taste. Besides you will be able to show the culinary talents: for preparation of a julienne it is possible to use not only pots, but also baskets for dough. It is possible to prepare a julienne only from mushrooms or to add to it shrimps, fish, ham, etc.
How to prepare the real Ratatouille
Как приготовить настоящий РататуйMany saw the fascinating and touching animated film about an infant rat Ratatouille. The main character was the excellent cook, and the set of ingeniously prepared dishes was made under its management. After that animated film I was visited by thought to try to prepare this dish. When I found the recipe of a dish "Ratatouille", tried it to make, the dish very much was pleasant to me!
How to prepare vegetable stew
Как приготовить овощное рагуToday I will tell you how to prepare tasty vegetable stew. Ragout is a dish which can be in various variations. It is possible even to tell that it can be made of any vegetables which you have at the moment in the refrigerator. At once I will tell that quickly ragout does not prepare. But if you involve the family in cooking, business will go much quicker.
Dietary pie with a vegetable stuffing
Диетический пирог с овощной начинкойDuring a summer time when a large number of vegetables ripens, popularity on our table is gained by various salads with various gas stations baked, the steamed vegetables, and also pies with a vegetable stuffing. Just about the last dish today the speech will also go. Our pie dietary that is actual for those who seeks to lose extra kilos.
Recipe of cheese balls
Рецепт сырных шариковIn spite of the fact that cheese quite independent product, appears every year more and more original and refined dishes which structure included cheese. I want to share with you the recipe unusual, but idle time in preparation of cheese snack which will help to decorate any holiday table or will become a pleasant and tasty daily dish.
The mackerel baked with vegetables
Скумбрия, запеченная с овощамиPreferring healthy food, of course, useful properties of fish and her irreplaceable existence in our diet are known. Today we will stop on a mackerel. For preservation of the maximum quantity of important vitamins and mineral substances I buy a frozen mackerel and I bake it in an oven. I like to add the baked small fish with baked vegetables.
Recipe of bilberry pie
Рецепт черничного пирогаWho did not taste such wild berry as bilberry?! In berries of bilberry there are a lot of vitamins of A, V and S group. It is good as fresh, and in the candied. From it cook jam, compotes, pastes, simply dry for the winter for the future, and also bake pies with a bilberry stuffing, than today we also will be engaged.
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