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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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Mantras for weight loss Beauty and health
Мантры для похуденияMany dream of a beautiful distinguished figure. Excess weight reduces a self-assessment of the person, provokes problems with health and disturbs private life. In a pursuit of symmetry, people exhaust themselves with diets and physical activities, but very often break and gain even more kilograms, than was in the beginning. Mantras for weight loss will come to the rescue of those who seriously decided to be engaged in improvement of the body.
Treatment of a girsutizm Beauty and health
Лечение гирсутизмаExcess hair standing for many women are a big problem which fix in all possible ways. What then to speak about such disease as a girsutizm. At this illness there is a failure in endocrine system and, as a result, there are face, back, breast, ears and stomach hair.
Manicure gel varnish in house conditions Beauty and health
Маникюр гель-лаком в домашних условияхNow you will surprise nobody with beautiful manicure. In fashion a new line of strong nail varnishes under the name gel varnish. This procedure is considered saloon, but many women want to master it independently.
Selection of a make-up and jewelry for an appearance tsvetotip Beauty and health
Подбор макияжа и украшений по цветотипу внешностиPeople – creations paradoxical, after all the aspiration to identity is quite often replaced by aspiration to find similar to, and it is fraught with that that without understanding people, is arranged under a various framework and templates. A striking example of it is division according to appearance tsvetotipa.
How to reduce stomach volume Beauty and health
Как уменьшить объем желудкаThe vast majority of people is inclined to an overeating today. And it is connected not only with banal "gluttony", but also with a present rhythm of life: lack of time, jamming of stresses, acceptance of food in operating time or is simple in front of the computer – all this inevitably conducts to extension of walls of a stomach and, as a result, to absorption of an increasing number of food, feeling sick and obesity.
Use of amarantovy oil Beauty and health
Применение амарантового маслаAmarantovy oil not often very famous, but, nevertheless, it is widely used in traditional medicine and cookery. It contains such useful substances without which our organism does not think of the existence. Not for nothing it was considered as a longevity elixir more than 8 thousand years ago.
Use of oil of a lavender Beauty and health
Применение масла лавандыThe lavender is a most ancient Mediterranean plant which unique properties are widely applied in the household sphere, and also an aromatherapy. Trays, massage oils, cream, lotions and other cosmetics are urged to grant youth, elasticity of skin and a healthy look.
Hydrogen peroxide for the person Beauty and health
Перекись водорода для лицаHydrogen peroxide - quite widespread means for clarification of skin. But also its application has the nuances. On the one hand it well narrows pores and disinfects, and with another – can cause burns and allergic reaction. Therefore will not be superfluous to learn how it is correct to use it.
What to do if teeth are unsteady Beauty and health
Что делать, если шатаются зубыShaking of milk teeth is quite natural process of which you should not be afraid. But this phenomenon is frequent concerns lobbies or molars that testifies to a number of diseases and unpleasant consequences. How to find and cope with a problem, we will talk in this article.
Acid peeling Beauty and health
Кислотный пилингSpecial service in processing of skin is registered in a price of each prestigious cosmetology salon. Thanks to an acid peeling, skin literally anew is born – wrinkles, pigmentary spots and acne rash disappear.
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