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Councils for the solution of problems in the field of medical ethics, to a choice of healthy food, prevention of an allergy and another is much.
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That it is necessary to know about a liposuction
Что нужно знать о липосакцииIn general, the liposuction consists in suction of part of fatty cages of a problem zone. For this purpose fatty cages are damaged one way or another and sucked away by means of special tools. Then after the rehabilitation period skin is selected, hypostases descend, and the figure with a new contour turns out – if there are no complications.
Laser correction of sight
Лазерная коррекция зренияLaser correction as the method of restoration of sight appeared relatively recently. It is effective only at an appropriate level of qualification of the doctor. Previously, going to clinic, it is useful to know about indications and contraindications to it, and also about those moments which will help to estimate the level of clinic and qualification of the doctor in particular.
Implantation of teeth
Имплантация зубовTooth implants – one of the most progressive methods of restoration of teeth. The idea is that in a jaw the special metal core serving as a support for new tooth is implanted. It is impossible to leave "as is" a shortage situation even one tooth categorically – even in the absence of visible discomfort.
Whether it is necessary to circumcise
Нужно ли делать обрезаниеTrimming represents removal of an extreme flesh in the surgical way. Brisk discussions about are now conducted, whether it is necessary to circumcise the man. Give the mass of arguments and arguments, both for this operation, and against it... Let's try understand and find out, whether really it is necessary to cut off what is given by the nature?
How quickly to kill a toothache
Как быстро снять зубную больHello, dear readers of our electronic magazine. You, probably, represent that such a toothache. And what such strong toothache? This torture distracting from all affairs and haunting for the whole day. It is natural that before it would be better not to lead up, but that you will already do. And again comes to the rescue.
Than are useful sex
Чем полезны занятия сексомAll of us know that sex well influences an organism. After hot night of love it is so pleasant to wake up in the morning, feeling updated and full of strength. Why so occurs? Why the sexual satisfaction gives us positive emotions and improves our health? Today together with we will try all this to find out.
Treatment by acupuncture
Лечение иглоукалываниемToday on a wave of the increased love to all east return of popularity of such fine method of treatment as acupuncture causes special pleasure. prepared for you this article to dispel all fears and objectively to tell about all pluses and minuses of an ancient Chinese method of treatment.
Treatment by bloodsuckers (girudoterapiya)
Лечение пиявками (гирудотерапия)Vile and disgusting, they make sick only from one thought of them. Bloodsuckers blood-suckers. Most of Russians at a mention of this genus of worms will be wrinkled and will feel irritation. In this article will tell about bloodsuckers and a girudoterapiya (treatment by bloodsuckers) – so remarkable ancient method of treatment.
How to get rid of a smell (perspiration) of feet
Как избавиться от запаха (потливости) ногYou sometime noticed how surrounding people stop up a nose when you are undressed? Whether your dog fell in love with your sneakers? If yes, that except soda known for all exists still a set of the ways which are reducing perspiration of feet and not allowing them to smell as camembert cheese. And each person will have the checked method of fight against this problem.
How to treat stings of insects
Как лечить укусы насекомыхIf you know how it is possible to help quickly the victim at stings of insects, will carry with yourself a minimum of necessary medicines, the situation with a sting will not take you unawares. Today with the magazine we will also consider how to work in case of stings of insects (bees, bumblebees, etc.).
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