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Councils for treatment and prevention of diseases. Besides you will find useful information about symptoms and the possible reasons of diseases in the section. In total for preservation of your health!
Diseases: all articles
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Treatment of quinsy and cough at children
Лечение ангины и кашля у детейI will not open a secret if I tell that quinsy at least once in life each person had. All know well this unpleasant feeling of irritation in a throat and pain when swallowing. Children are most often subject to this disease. Quinsy is a result of the weakened immunity at which an infection, getting to the child's organism, starts developing actively.
Treatment of hypotonia
Лечение гипотонииToday it will be a question of the condition of an organism which is characterized by the lowered arterial pressure. I will note that hypotonia among the population meets much more more often than a hypertension. But documentary not all cases as most of the patients suffering from this illness do not follow the help to the doctor, apart from itself patients are fixed.
How to keep health of a backbone
Как сохранить здоровье позвоночника	The backbone is a basis of our skeleton to which muscles fasten. In fact, the backbone is a basis of all our body. Its maintenance in a healthy state will favorably be reflected in a condition of all organism. However, unfortunately, often we start caring about health of a backbone already when felt the first symptoms of a disease.
Polyps in a stomach, types and treatment
Полипы в желудке, виды и лечениеEven more often gastroenterologists make the diagnosis – polyps in a stomach. A disease it is found in children, teenagers and more in those who reached age of 40-50 years. If you or relatives were not avoided by this illness, this article can be useful. We will tell that polyps represent, whether they bear danger and as to cure them.
Treatment of tuberculosis folk remedies
Лечение туберкулеза народными средствамиTuberculosis – a dangerous infectious, infectious disease. Infection happens at communication with already sick person through air or through infected large and a small cattle. To distinguish tuberculosis not easy. He likes to hide behind a mask of other diseases. At treatment of tuberculosis important both drug treatment, and food, and a way of life.
Reasons and treatment of diarrhea
Причины и лечение диареиThis unpleasant state is familiar to all – both children, and adults. The stomach hurts, feels sick, tears, sometimes even temperature rises. But the most important – in any way is not possible to leave a "nasizhenny" place. All you run and you run, and to all fault – diarrhea, or simply a diarrhea, and on science – diarrhea. Adults cope with this problem quicker, than children and elderly people.
Symptoms and treatment of a cataract
Симптомы и лечение катарактыOne of the common causes leading to considerable deterioration or even to full loss of sight is the cataract. Therefore more than 370000 operations are performed by ophthalmologists on replacement of a crystalline lens in Russia every year. Emergence and the course of a cataract are promoted by age violations, injuries of an organ of vision, eye pathologies, ultra-violet radiation, smoking, etc.
Diagnosis of diseases on the person
Диагностика заболеваний по лицуThe person, its color, bags under eyes, the filled-out eyelids, extinct eyes and many other things is capable to tell about a condition of our organism: about the approaching or already chronic diseases, about what doctor it is time to ask for the help. The patofiziognomika is engaged in the symptoms of diseases seen on a face.
"Mumps" (or epidemic parotitis)
«Свинка» (или эпидемический паротит)In the people this infectious disease is called "mumps" or a zaushnitsa long ago. And here in medical practice it received the strict name – epidemic parotitis. For it the sharp current with the fever (raised by temperature) is characteristic, the general intoxication a virus, one or two salivary glands mainly are surprised, they increase and inflame.
Treatment of a rubella
Лечение краснухиQuite often young parents, having seen rash on skin of the chilled child, are perplexed or panic. After all rash often accompanies infectious diseases, such as scarlet fever, measles, chicken pox, a rubella. Here about a rubella the speech in this article will also go. What symptoms for it are characteristic? How it proceeds? Than it is dangerous to pregnant women and an embryo?
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