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Articles about care of houseplants, flowers. Recommendations about cultivation of vegetables and fruit, useful tips according to the maintenance of a garden and kitchen garden.
Plants: all articles
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Useful properties of spinach
Полезные свойства шпинатаJuicy green leaves of spinach are liked to be added to the dishes of the hostess from around the world. At the expense of the lung and pleasant taste spinach is well combined with many products. Besides, using this sheet vegetable at least few times in a week, it is possible to sate the organism with vitamins. It everything thanks to useful properties of spinach to which, knows
Useful properties of onions
Полезные свойства репчатого лукаIt has golden and useful, vitamin, though sharp, bitter taste, and will undress, tears will not constrain – this children's riddle gives extremely exact characteristic to onions. Today we will try as it is possible to tell about indisputable useful properties of onions and spheres in which it is applied in more detail.
Properties of white tea
Свойства белого чаяSome centuries Chinese drink this refined drink, and to us it reached quite recently. But already found the admirers. It is about white tea – drink really amazing. And if you still never tried a delicate taste of this surprising grade, advises to make it as soon as possible.
Useful properties of a quince
Полезные свойства айвыFrom reliable sources it is known that the quince was a ritual fruit at weddings of Ancient Rome and Greece – it presented to the bride before the first marriage night to make the first kiss pleasant, and during the ceremony the groom and the bride was offered to eat a fragrant fruit that promised long and happy life.
Useful properties of cabbage
Полезные свойства капустыThe cabbage – nearly the most popular vegetable on our table, but except the pleasant taste, it possesses also many useful properties. So, the cabbage takes the second place by quantity of antioxidants, after a garden cress and well influences work of heart and organs of vision.
Useful properties of a radish
Полезные свойства редькиThe vegetables, root crops possessing a set of useful properties for certain lie in cellars and cellars at readers of stored. Among the stocks which are in advance laid up for long winter there will be a beet, carrots, pumpkin, a girasol, turnip.
Remontantny raspberry, landing and leaving
Ремонтантная малина, посадка и уходProbably, not one garden is not thought without raspberry brake. It is known to all raspberry – berry not only sweet, but also useful. That costed by raspberry jam with tea in cold winter evening.
Useful properties of bay leaf
Полезные свойства лаврового листаMonasteries – one of the most ancient plants growing on the earth and today. Hardly there will be at us such hostess who never added bay leaf to the dishes. It gives to food simple, at first sight, delicate spicy aroma. But besides possesses also the mass of useful properties.
How to grow up tangerine in house conditions
Как вырастить мандарин в домашних условияхPractically all who saw at acquaintances in the room a mandarinovy tree, have a desire to grow up same most. But usually on one desire all also comes to an end. It seems that it is difficult to grow up tangerine from a stone. But whether so it, let's understand.
How to grow up a persimmon in house conditions
Как вырастить хурму в домашних условияхPersimmon. How many a solar heat and juicy energy in this bright fruit! Its homeland China and Japan. A persimmon - the real well of vitamins, for what also nicknamed it "plum of gods", and "the Chinese peach". The peculiar taste leaving a sweetish tart trace in language - the card of a persimmon.
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