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Culinary recipes of dishes and useful tips on their preparation. You learn how to cook various soups and salads, meat and fish, garnishes and sauces, desserts and cocktails. National dishes and their ornament.
Cookery: all articles
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Grain or instant coffee – what to choose
Зерновой или растворимый кофе – что выбратьCoffee – one of those pearls which is called drink of gods, the tempter and the healer. Its aroma stores in itself aroma of the earth on which it was grown up. Its heat is filled with heat of the hands which collected it. Coffee on bushes from which then makes a long trip grows, will not reach our coffee cup yet. And taste of ready coffee depends on many factors.
Nursery pumpkin casserole
Запеканка из тыквы «Детская»My children (as well as their many contemporaries) not really love pumpkin. I do not give up and I look for various recipes where pumpkin can be "hidden". One of such dishes – pumpkin and cottage cheese casserole which, despite its frankly orange look, children eat all without the rest. I offer the recipe of this of useful and simple baked pudding in preparation which also your children will not be able to come off.
In total about beer
Все о пивеWhen the speech comes about beer, at once there are associations: the good company, music, an abstractness from everyday problems. Really, beer became national drink long ago. And whether we what exactly is poured to us in a glass in club or on a beach reflect? In the homeland of beer drink is compared to a flower: in glass it opens the beauty at full capacity, but then slowly withers.
Puff meat pie and vegetables
Слоеный пирог с мясом и овощамиI very much love house pastries. But not always there is time and desire to potter with dough. Somehow I found the remarkable recipe of puff pie for which it is not necessary to do dough. This pie prepares from thin unleavened wheat cakes. Besides, this pie was very tasty. It is sure, busy hostesses will appreciate this recipe, after all on it it is not necessary to spend a lot of time.
How to choose wines
Как выбирать винаWine – drink very ancient, numbering more than five thousand years of the history. Now it is difficult to overestimate a variety of wines. There are most various classifications by color, initial raw materials, a way of production. Besides, producers in the different countries use own classifications about what it is worth knowing before choosing wine.
Baking of fast pies
Выпечка постных тортовChocolate, nut, honey, sweet and unsweetened pancake houses, gentle cake layers with a souffle – here not the complete list of fast pies which any hostess without sour cream, condensed milk, cream, cottage cheese, eggs, milk and butter can bake. Ingredients of "phytogenesis" is a powerful culinary arsenal for active kitchen actions.
Tasty bezdrozhzhevy dough for pies and pizza
Вкусное бездрожжевое тесто для пирогов и пиццыIt would seem, it is impossible to prepare soft and tasty dough cake without yeast, however actually it is very simple and that is important, quickly. Managing a minimum of products, it is possible to make dough on a brine, "scalded" on vegetable oil and water, on kefir and so on. Let's stop on fast options today, having paid special attention to baking of pies and pizzas.
How to prepare stuffed peppers
Как приготовить фаршированный перецThe stuffed house pepper for me – a dish from the childhood. This dish loved by all admirers of home cuisine is very tasty, nutritious and it is useful. I consider that during summer and autumn seasons it should be prepared, and it is better – not once. Time spent for its preparation will pay off gratitude and admiration of everything who will try this culinary masterpiece.
Chocolate and cheese fondue
Шоколадное и сырное фондюAbout a fondue I heard for a long time, but a fondue pot did not decide to get, there was no suitable occasion yet – and here in my kitchen there is a new dish. We began acquaintance to it with a chocolate fondue, according to the simplest recipe. I tried to do a cheese fondue in several options. Prepares quickly, but thus will help to create easy mood of a holiday on weekdays.
Recipe of carrot pie
Рецепт морковного пирогаWould like to share with readers the recipe of tasty carrot pie. It is absolutely simple to make it. Pie turns out extraordinary tasty, fragrant, some days (though I assure that for a long time it will not lie too long) can be stored, and thus the recipe can be diversified by means of additional additives.
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