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Councils for treatment and prevention of diseases. Besides you will find useful information about symptoms and the possible reasons of diseases in the section. In total for preservation of your health!
Diseases: all articles
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Treatment of laryngitis
Лечение ларингитаWith arrival of fall the number of the patients expecting the turn to the therapist or the ENT specialist in corridors of policlinics considerably increases. And as a result of inspection the doctor makes different diagnoses: ORZ, SARS, tonsillitis, laryngitis …
Digestive tract diseases
Заболевания желудочно-кишечного трактаGastrointestinal diseases represent big group of diseases which affect the anatomic area of the same name. In comparison with other diseases of pathology of a digestive tract are most widespread.
Treatment of a photodermatosis
Лечение фотодерматозаVery often people face such problem as reddening of skin under the influence of sunshine which arises at all not that they long sat under the sun. Similar symptoms are characteristic for such illness as a photodermatosis. Also will tell about this disease to the readers.
Mastitis at young mother
Мастит у молодой мамыVery often at the woman who gave rise recently and nurses the child, there is a reddening in a mammary gland, and the mammary gland thus increases. Sometimes thus temperature increases. In that case doctors speak about laktatsionny mastitis.
Care of the bed patient
Уход за лежачим больнымFor some people care of bed patients is a work. But none of us are not insured from need to look after someone from relatives with limited physical capacities. will tell about what it is necessary to know to provide normal leaving to the patient and to facilitate to itself life.
Hypostases of feet
Отеки ногI think, such trouble is familiar to many readers – to evening of a foot become heavy, there is a fatigue, pain. There is an impression that feet "hoot". Again swelled. There is a desire to take off attractive shoes and somewhat quicker to reach the favourite sofa. As to relieve the legs of such sufferings and puffiness?
Kvinke swelled
Отек КвинкеAmong many there is a wrong opinion that the allergy is a though unpleasant disease, but quite harmless. But, unfortunately, also such allergic reactions at which there is a real threat for human life quite often meet. And if people around do not give the correct help to such person, for example, at Kvinke's hypostasis, consequences can be irreversible.
How to improve hearing
Как улучшить слухProblems meet hearing today not seldom. They can be both at people of old age, and at children or young guys and girls. The reasons why so occurs, there is a big set. Unfortunately, in certain cases our medicine is powerless, but nevertheless the patient can be helped with some still.
Reasons of decrease in hearing
Причины снижения слухаWith bad ecology and the increasing noise level the number of people with the reduced hearing constantly grows in our world. Some people at first do not even realize that start hearing worse. However at accumulation of various adverse factors relative deafness progresses and becomes noticeable. It is much easier to prevent deterioration of hearing, than then to treat.
How to keep health of bones and joints
Как сохранить здоровье костей и суставовOften we do not pay attention to a condition of bones and joints while we do not have problems with them. At young age the most widespread problems are injuries. And in mature the situation is complicated by a set of factors which in common can lead to various diseases. It is necessary to make thrifty use of the bones and joints from the earliest age.
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