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Articles about care of houseplants, flowers. Recommendations about cultivation of vegetables and fruit, useful tips according to the maintenance of a garden and kitchen garden.
Plants: all articles
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Advantage of the Beijing cabbage
Польза пекинской капустыThe Beijing cabbage is a plant from family krestotsvetny, representing a kind of an early Chinese cabbage. It is considered that the homeland of the Beijing cabbage is China. Exactly there started it cultivating in 5-6 century of our era. To that the proof are written mentions which reached up to now.
Kolonovidny apple-trees
Колоновидные яблониOur country sites do not differ in the impressive areas, and after all there are a wish both to build the house, and to organize a playground, and to grow up a garden and such that pleased with a variety of flowers and fruits. However plants, as well as to people, need personal vital space, there is enough light, air and food.
Useful properties of an asparagus
Полезные свойства спаржиUniversal and tasty plant – an asparagus, clever hostesses use not only for preparation of various culinary dishes, but also and in the medical purposes as it long since is famous for the curative qualities.
Characteristic of grades of potatoes
Характеристика сортов картофеляIt is difficult to imagine the daily menu without potato dishes. This wonderful foodstuff, for some reason does not become boring at all. In cookbooks it is described more than 700 recipes of preparation of potatoes.
Useful properties Ivan tea
Полезные свойства Иван-чаяFrom the middle of June and until the end of summer on edges of coniferous forests, along the rivers, on cuttings down, places of big fires it is possible to meet a high grass with the large extended leaves and big beautiful brushes of rose-red, purple-lilac flowers. So Ivan tea which medicinal properties are recognized not only national, but also official medicine grows.
Nasturtium, cultivation and leaving
Настурция, выращивание и уходAs it is pleasant to contemplate the cheerful plants having bright green armfuls of round leaves and the elegant intensively painted flowers in the garden. All summer to the frosts the cheerful nasturtium will attract attention, to lighten mood, to load with energy.
Useful properties of blackcurrant
Полезные свойства черной смородиныSummer residents fell in love with this tasty berry for unpretentiousness in cultivation and long ago fragrant jam which can be cooked from it. But blackcurrant is rich not only tastes, but also useful properties. Therefore recommends to use it not only for a dessert, but also as prevention of many diseases.
How to look after a hyacinth
Как ухаживать за гиацинтомIn the spring many women receive as a gift a small pot with the bulbous plant pleasing with gentle aroma of the pink, white, yellow, lilac flowers collected in a brush on a stalk verkhushechka. Kolokolchaty florets do not wither about two or three weeks. It is a hyacinth.
Application of a silverweed white
Применение лапчатки белойSilverweed white – the modest low plant for many years accumulating curative force in the rhizomes. The history of studying of a plant began long ago, many herbalists, phytotherapists, famous doctors devoted years of work to researches of medicinal properties and structure of this plant.
Useful properties of fennel
Полезные свойства фенхеляAt fennel ordinary some names: often in a drugstore ask fennel the druggist pharmaceutical, and in the people call sweet or voloshsky fennel. Really, this related to a celery a plant with anisic aroma confuse to fennel, however fennel - absolutely independent and self-sufficient culture.
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