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Culinary recipes of dishes and useful tips on their preparation. You learn how to cook various soups and salads, meat and fish, garnishes and sauces, desserts and cocktails. National dishes and their ornament.
Cookery: all articles
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Manti with pumpkin
Манты с тыквойManti, apparently, very characteristic meat dish, with abundance of onions, pumpkin and forcemeat or chopped pork, beef, mutton, a fat tail, a bird and even seafood and suddenly … the fast. Nevertheless, fast or to the be vegetarian manti! The classics of a fast mantodelaniye is potatoes, it is a lot of onions and pumpkin. However it is possible to put any vegetables in a stuffing, including eggplants.
Some apple recipes
Несколько яблочных рецептовApples – it would seem ordinary, anything overseas and exotic. But without them it is difficult to present our culture. Apples are undoubtedly useful, but is their constantly fresh we too cannot. To please your relatives, we offer some recipes with apples in a leading role. We hope, they will be to the taste to you and will get to your family culinary collection!
Recipes of sandwiches for children
Рецепты бутербродов для детейSome kids since early years eat well, and to feed others – the whole problem. Parents of such kids should think out every day something original to attract interest of their children in food. For the aid to parents small nekhochukh I offer ideas for preparation of beautiful and tasty sandwiches. Will resist such masterpieces of hardly anyone.
Cake with cottage cheese and raisin
Кекс с творогом и изюмомCake from cottage cheese excellently tasty and appetizing. In addition it also the useful. Know, whether you that cottage cheese – a valuable product for our organism?! Cottage cheese is universal that the people adhering to diets, the only thing can eat it, cottage cheese has to be fat-free. I offer readers the recipe of the most tasty cake from cottage cheese with raisin on which I prepare and for the family.
How to prepare a rahat lakoum from pumpkin
Как приготовить рахат-лукум из тыквыThis recipe – a find for mummies, whose children of the sweet tooth. Probably, does not pass day that the kid did not ask something "sweet". But not always there is an opportunity to buy a chocolate or other sweets. I suggest to indulge children with a rahat lakoum from pumpkin of house production. It is not unprofitable to prepare such sweets at all, does not take time much, and taste will pleasantly surprise you.
Fast salads for dinner
Быстрые салаты на ужинFor many hozyayushka and furthermore, for those from them who works at one work, and, coming back home, starts performance of the second work – to preparation of a dinner for favourite family members, opportunity quickly to cook healthy and tasty food is very important. The real find for the solution of such task are various salads.
Classification of cognacs
Классификация коньяковCognac, despite the belonging to strong alcohol, belonged to elite noble drinks at all times. It is art, to understand which it is possible only having adjoined to it in the correct time in the correct place. Whether we know taste of the real cognac? Whether is cognac (especially Cyrillic writing, but not in Latin) what is on sale in our shops?
Pizza on the kefiric father-in-law
Пицца на кефирном тестеPizza – a favourite dish of modern generation. Today even it is difficult to count exact number of recipes of this tasty dish. People learned to make pizza not only with different ingredients, but also on various father-in-law. For example, pizza on kefir has gentle taste, and its dough simply melts in the mouth. Dough turns out juicy and soft.
Types of tea
Виды чаяThere are many people who will tell "I not especially love tea, I do not like its taste". In response to this saying I always made experiment – simply treated this person with tea. Strange, but works to this day. On a question "And what it for tea? Such I, of course, like" the answer always one: "– it is correct to choose a secret of good tea and correctly to prepare".
Ideas of a romantic breakfast for darling
Идеи романтического завтрака для любимогоYou want to please the darling since morning and to lighten him mood? Want to show the love and care of it without words? Try to make a simple romantic breakfast! Even if you have not a lot of time since morning, allocate for preparation additional 20 minutes. You receive a sincere official message of thanks of your darling, and also a tasty and beautiful breakfast!
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