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Councils for the solution of problems in the field of medical ethics, to a choice of healthy food, prevention of an allergy and another is much.
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Psychological dependence on smoking
Психологическая зависимость от куренияEach smoking person throughout the life says more than once that will surely throw. Ways to give up smoking the great variety is described, but all these ways are directed on simplification only of physical dependence that cannot give full-fledged effect as the main thing – eradication of psychological fear to give up smoking.
Treatment by homeopathy
Лечение гомеопатиейQuite often, having despaired of opportunities of traditional medicine, people address to alternative methods of treatment. The homeopathy concerns to one of them. tells about essence of homeopathy, specifics of treatment and the principles of a choice of the homeopath.
Perinatal psychology
Перинатальная психологияWe still a little that know about human life in mother's bosom. We badly represent that he feels and as. The perinatal psychology slightly opens this secret. It appeared not so long ago, incomplete forty years ago. This science is engaged in studying of mental life of the child in a womb of mother (fruit) or just born (newborn).
How to get rid of louses
Как избавиться от вшейI also could not suspect that when mother will braid to me braids for September 1 in school, she will see mad quantity of louses at me on the head. And I could not even think that I had louses because of whom on the same day my long curly hair turned into a boring kare. So I for the first time got acquainted with parasites.
How to hand over blood
Как сдавать кровьThe main problem of donorship of blood consists that blood is necessary constantly because not all its components can be stored long. On the other hand, intervals between dachas of blood have to be sufficient not to be injurious to health of the donor. Therefore it is necessary many donors who are regularly handing over blood or its components.
Removal of birthmarks
Удаление родинокThere is no person who would not know that such a birthmark. At one they covered all body, and they do not know how to get rid of such gift of the nature, and someone, on the contrary, would like to get them. With age birthmarks can move on a body – in one places they disappear, and in others – appear. What is these mysterious points: ornament or defect?
Medicinal properties of an aloe
Лечебные свойства алоэThe aloe is known to all and it is possible to meet it practically in each house. The homeland of a plant Africa is considered. Any kind of an aloe has certain medicinal properties, thanks to the juice containing in its leaves. However, in inside it is possible to use only those types which grow not a tree, but a bush. Treelike aloes well is suitable for external application.
Donorship of sperm and ova
Донорство спермы и яйцеклетокMen from 20 to 40 years (the age is consolidated legislatively) with normal appearance and absence of congenital diseases, syphilis, HIV, venereal diseases, hepatitis can be donors of sperm; not the addict and not alcoholic. Also presence of healthy children – "portfolio" is desirable. Often also demand that the donor was not a homosexual.
Ways of treatment (removal) of warts
Способы лечения (удаления) бородавокPerhaps, most often from all skin problems the feeling of fastidiousness in people around is caused by warts. They are a synonym of untidiness, dirt. Toads and frogs, for example, here at all at anything. And though the attack of an allergy can stimulate manifestation of warts, but nevertheless they have not an allergic, but virus origin.
Rhinoplasty or plasticity of a nose
Ринопластика или пластика носаRhinoplasty is a plastic surgery on change of a shape of a nose. Often it is enough of it for a radical change of shape of the person, after all the nose is one of the most important components of the person, its brightest detail. By means of rhinoplasty of people can forever get rid of the complex connected with a shape of own nose.
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