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Councils for treatment and prevention of diseases. Besides you will find useful information about symptoms and the possible reasons of diseases in the section. In total for preservation of your health!
Diseases: all articles
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Treatment of meningitis
Лечение менингитаIn the childhood of many children which do not want to put on a cap in a cold season, fussy grandmothers frighten by meningitis. Say, the disease such is when the brain inflames. And plainly anything to tell about meningitis and cannot. In such cases some grandsons nevertheless unwillingly pull an annoying headdress, and others continue to defy youth, say, diseases will not concern them...
Diseases of lungs and bronchial tubes
Заболевания легких и бронховToday people very often are exposed to various diseases among which diseases of lungs and bronchial tubes are quite widespread. There is a lot of reasons for that and each person can have them absolutely different.
Diseases of female genitals
Заболевания женских половых органовThe female organism is capable to conceal in itself a set of diseases. Each of them is shown by concrete symptoms. Today we will also talk about them.
Treatment of sinusitis
Лечение синуситаOtorhinolaryngologists consider very actual a problem of the inflammatory processes which became frequent at patients in okolonosovy bosoms now.
Treatment of chronic tonsillitis
Лечение хронического тонзиллитаMany people, especially at children's age, are subject to constant inflammations of airways. Often to have to test unpleasant symptoms, an indisposition to visit the doctor and to take the sick-list. And the doctor makes constantly same diagnosis.
Treatment of anemia
Лечение анемииConstant fatigue, pallor of the person, chill. In the mornings it is heavy to you to wake up, on service you can hardly finish till a lunch, bags with products seem very heavy, and hair became dim and fragile …
Treatment of pharyngitis
Лечение фарингитаThe sore throat can testify to the different diseases most often attacking in a cold, rainy season. already told readers about laryngitis, the turn to receive particulars about other disease - pharyngitis came today.
Treatment of bradycardia
Лечение брадикардииBradycardia is a delay of pulse which it is caused by reduction of a cardiac muscle. Such phenomenon is not norm for a human body therefore it should be taken into account this disease in all its aspects.
What is tachycardia
Что такое тахикардияMuch, probably, happened to hear, and even to endure such state when pertinently to tell about heart that it "jumps out of a breast". The speech about strong heartbeat which is most often connected with strong experiences, alarm, fear, and also other emotional states when heart rate sharply increases.
Dyskinesia: that it is necessary to know
Дискинезия: что нужно знатьWhen we speak about diseases of a gall bladder, most often cholelithiasis or, for example, cholecystitis comes back to memory. However quite often weight in the right side, pain after a plentiful feast or, let us assume, sharp change of a diet is caused by other reason – dyskinesia of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways.
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