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Articles about care of houseplants, flowers. Recommendations about cultivation of vegetables and fruit, useful tips according to the maintenance of a garden and kitchen garden.
Plants: all articles
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Cultivation of a stevia
Выращивание стевииTo people at whom diabetes comes to light, doctors very strictly forbid to regale on sugar. But what to do if there is a strong wish to sweeten different drinks and dishes? Then the sweet plant – a stevia of a rebaudian which else is called a honey grass or a sweet dvulistnik can come to the rescue. The raw materials can be found in drugstores or to grow up on the kitchen garden and even in a pot on a window sill.
Useful properties treat
Полезные свойства личиFor the last decade on shelves of supermarkets in our country there was a lot of exotic fruit. One of the most mysterious and unusual among them is treat. Those who already tried this a fruit strange outside, can tell with confidence that its tastes leave only the most pleasant memories. But whether it is possible to eat treat systematically, what its useful qualities?
Advantage and harm of a stevia
Польза и вред стевииThere is in the nature a grass which to taste is several times more sweet than sugar known to all of us. Its scientific name stevia of a rebaudian. It is recommended as natural sweetener to people to whom the diagnosis "diabetes" is made.
Useful properties of a honeysuckle
Полезные свойства жимолостиAfter cold winter months and long spring so there is a wish to regale on something tasty and useful of the garden, to fill reserves of vitamins. Here also we when keep up on a sprawling bush of a berry of a honeysuckle wait – after all it ripens the first.
Useful properties of a chaga
Полезные свойства чагиChaga – amazing creation of the nature. Tiny dispute grows to the enormous sizes, napityvayas curative substances of a tree on which grows. Unless it not a miracle? Our far ancestors knew about unusual properties of a chaga and actively applied it in treatment.
Cultivation of a klematis
Выращивание клематисаAll acquaintances coming to our garden by all means long consider magnificently blossoming lianas creeping up support. It simply is necessary to admire the effective, majestic klematisa capable to please a look with flowers, various on coloring and the size, from June to late fall.
Medicinal properties of a kalanchoe
Лечебные свойства каланхоэWe got used to consider that the houseplants living on window sills of our houses carry out generally purely decorative function. But there are such green "good fellows" who not only are pleasing to the eye, but also make an invaluable contribution to a moneybox of our health.
Advantage of berries of a godzha
Польза ягод годжиAmong those who wants to restore the health to grow thin, eat valuable and useful products, recently godzha berries enjoy wide popularity. And if the person for the first time hears this name, there are questions – that special in this overseas berry, what its advantage and how to apply it? will try to answer the marked questions.
Useful properties of a linden
Полезные свойства липыCurative properties of a linden became known in ancient times. Gradually the advantage of these flowers was recognized even by traditional medicine. Since then the linden is applied to treatment and prevention of various illnesses.
Useful properties of a barberry
Полезные свойства барбарисаAt each of us at the word "barberry", most likely, recur a childhood to the memory. This sweet-sour candy, pleasant on taste, still remains popular and all recognizable. Actually, the barberry is extraordinary beautiful and useful bush which fructifies small berries, color and which form remind those caramels.
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