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Culinary recipes of dishes and useful tips on their preparation. You learn how to cook various soups and salads, meat and fish, garnishes and sauces, desserts and cocktails. National dishes and their ornament.
Cookery: all articles
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How to prepare belyash
Как приготовить беляшиThat for a miracle these magnificent fragrant belyash. The golden crisp crust in combination with juicy forcemeat and a juicy pepper will not leave indifferent your guests and members of household. Belyasha, undoubtedly, will decorate any dinner and even a holiday table. Traditionally they are done a round form with an opening in the center.
How to prepare samosa
Как приготовить самсуSamosa is a national Uzbek dish which really will please fans of juicy and unusual pastries. The crackling puff pastry with a stuffing from the most delicate meat and fragrant mountain herbs leave unusual aftertaste. Traditionally samosa is baked in the round furnace tandoor, sticking triangular pies directly on a clay surface.
The salmon baked in an oven
Семга, запеченная в духовкеOnce, in the childhood, I remember, mother at least several times in a year prepared this yum-yum, and I, having got from a case the old, shabby book in which all culinary recipes were written down by mother's handwriting, began to look for it – the salmon baked in an oven. Found quickly enough. From the main ingredients there was no lemon. So.
Eggs dishes for breakfast
Блюда из яиц на завтракEggs dishes – an integral part of a modern breakfast. Preparation of eggs since morning usually does not take a lot of time, and on tastes and nutritiousness of a dish from eggs are simply excellent. Besides eggs are rather available product which practically all are able to afford. I will give an example of several most interesting and tasty dishes for breakfast.
How to prepare Nutella in house conditions
Как приготовить Нутеллу в домашних условияхSince morning not all children feel hunger and desire something to eat. But they need to receive at the beginning of day an energy charge nevertheless. Mothers go on different cunnings to feed with morning of children. But I nevertheless give preference to house option of Nutella. It contains natural (I used house) milk and it turns out much more economically than the store analog.
How to prepare gozinaki
Как приготовить козинакиGozinaki are a favourite delicacy of many sweet teeth. Traditionally in Georgia this dish prepares from walnuts and honey, however there is a set of various recipes from other nuts and seeds, prunes and dried apricots, dried fruits and oat flakes. The most widespread at us in Russia are gozinaki from sunflower seeds.
As it is correct to eat sushi
Как правильно есть сушиSushi – one of traditional Japanese dishes who prepares from rice, vegetables, seafood and other ingredients. Over the past few years the dish became very popular in Russia. All new restaurants and sushi bars open, sushi party, and a set for sushi – one of the most popular gifts are often organized. And whether you know how it is correctly accepted to eat sushi?
As it is correct to make tea Pu-erh
Как правильно заваривать чай пуэрWelcome to a tea cup. No, even not so, I invite you to a tea ceremony. Imagine, behind a window snow silently falls, passersby fuss, and in kitchen sings a teapot and the starched cloth grows white. The table is beautifully served. Tea leaves wait for the hour. Yes not simple. Today we will enjoy the Chinese tea Pu-erh.
The recipe of cheesecakes and cookies from cottage cheese
Рецепт сырников и печенья из творогаWe offer recipes of tasty cookies from cottage cheese and sesame, and also cheesecakes with sour cream which will surely estimate everything – from children to adults. For example, cottage cheese cookies are pleasant to me warm more, it reminds me taste of donuts which are prepared by my grandmother. Sesame will impact to cookies a graceful look and juicy relish. Cottage cheese, by the way, for our dishes can be prepared houses.
Rules of storage of products
Правила хранения продуктовIn this article I want to share with readers some useful data how to store and use products so that their useful nutritious properties were preserved in the best way. In due time this information very much helped me when having married, I assumed cares of livelihood, at first a small, but then escalating family.
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