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Useful tips on different subjects which were not included into other sections. And as addition - reference books (telephone, address, medical, etc.).
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Rules of behavior at office Work
Правила поведения в офисеHaving employed as the decision on acceptance as you, the management of the company intends to receive not only the expert, but also the new member of collective which will become a reliable link in team. The beginning office employee should know the general rules of behavior at office, rules of communication with the head and colleagues, office dresscode, fundamentals of business etiquette.
Utilization of documents: what is it? Services
Утилизация документов: что это? To what organization we would not address, everywhere we face a huge amount of papers, documents, forms and forms. Over time they collect, but information value do not bear any more. For an effective solution private services offer such professional service as utilization of documents.
How to find work to the lawyer without experience Work
Как найти работу юристу без опытаVery often by job search the graduate learns that experts are required for most of employers, but … it is obligatory with experience. And this problem is actual especially for graduates lawyers. Therefore in this article the main aspects of employment of the lawyers who do not have experience in the specialty will be considered and answers to the most significant questions are given.
Value of precious metals and stones The unknown
Значение драгоценных металлов и камнейPrecious metals and stones since ancient times were considered magic, bringing to people glory and the power. Hunted for them, dreamed of them, for them perished. As well as many centuries ago, jewelry are also status indicators. But, first of all, it is natural amulets, defenders and assistants to the person. It is possible to use them both in the form of products, and in a natural look.
Mascots feng shui and their value The unknown
Талисманы фэн-шуй и их значениеAt us even more often it is possible to meet various souvenir shops and even the specialized shops having on sale mascots feng shui. And here that each mascot means, not all know. Each mascot is necessary for various purposes, one is attracted by money, others – love and happiness. Thus the mascot has to be pleasant to the owner, give only positive emotions.
Fulfillment of desires on feng shui The unknown
Исполнение желаний по фэн-шуйBe afraid of the desires – so wise men once claimed. Often we simply do not believe in their execution therefore they also remain unrealizable. Let's learn work wonders in the life – to grant the desires. It is difficult to believe that some thought can materialize. But it is necessary to change the outlook on life!
Love magic feng shui The unknown
Любовная магия фэн-шуйThe love is a powerful and strong energy. There is a mass of ways to make active it. The most effective, in my opinion, in the way is the magic feng shui. You attract with the simple actions love to the house, in the bedroom or feed already developed relations. It not new belief or sorcery. This science is similar to ergonomics. Everything simply is also repeatedly checked.
Performance appraisal methods (councils to employees) Work
Методы оценки персонала (советы сотрудникам)Recently performance appraisal is quite widespread in many companies. This procedure is very important for career of each employee. It is not less important for the company. The after all qualified employees – pledge of development and prosperity of the organization, hope and a support of successful business. For example, in many organizations the system thinking is estimated.
Review of the movie Men in black 3 Cinema
Рецензия на фильм Люди в черном 3Agents Jay and Kay everything also protect the planet from alien encroachments, bringing an order to various haunts of vice of a congestion of humanoids. Everything changes when on will there is an intergalactic villain race of barmaglot by the name of Boris animal. It takes control of a time machine and is transferred to the past to protect itself and to kill the young agent Kay.
In total about guitar strings It is useful to know
Все о гитарных струнахIt is known that the guitar is a string instrument. And everyone who deals with a guitar, by all means faces need to buy strings and to change them. There are many firms doing guitar strings and to recommend some one would be incorrect. Therefore I will tell about what strings exist and also as to change them and how to look after them.
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In a Japanese zoo of Higashiyam there was a funny case: because of high temperatures in July-August and because of the irresponsible relation of workers to the duties, water in a pond in the open-air cage blossomed and painted animals in green color.