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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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What is the blefaroplastika Beauty and health
Что такое блефаропластикаEach woman wants to be beautiful at any age, however over time there are irreversible processes, and first of all susceptible skin round eyes suffers. Constant stresses at work, bad ecology, improper feeding, influence of sunshine – all these factors bear negative changes. As a result there is a puffiness and flabbiness of skin under eyes.
Advantage of sea salt Beauty and health
Польза морской солиSea salt relatively appeared recently on shelves of our supermarkets, before it it was possible to buy only in specialized shops and at quite high price. And now it quite impressively differs at the price from usual, table salt though now is more available to the ordinary buyer.
Features of hardware manicure Beauty and health
Особенности аппаратного маникюраBeautiful well-groomed nails – these not only it is esthetically beautiful, in our modern time it also need. And today there are many various techniques by means of which it is possible to put nails in order as on hands, and standing.
What is the hydrotherapy Beauty and health
Что такое гидротерапияHydrotherapy – popular procedure which cured kings of antiquity and helps to keep health presently. The unique complex of medical and cosmetology actions is capable to return youth and to force to forget about the most unpleasant diseases. In this article we will tell how the person learned to use a natural power of water and why hydrotherapy is so useful to health.
Depilation by wax Beauty and health
Депиляция воскомThis procedure is considered popular, both among very young girls, and among mature women thanks to the simplicity and low cost. After such procedure hair grow more slowly, than and the long effect of smoothness of skin is provided.
Massage of a stomach for weight loss Beauty and health
Массаж живота для похуденияIf you think that massage is intended only for pleasure, are mistaken, with its help it is possible to restore the health and even to grow thin. Therefore if at you excess "fat" gathered on a place where there has to be a waist, address to beauty shop or complete a self-massage course.
Use of oil patchoulis Beauty and health
Применение масла пачулиEssential oils still are long since known to mankind thanks to variety of useful properties. They were used as drugs and cosmetology means, in an aromatherapy and the intimate sphere, for weight loss, by removals of a stress and other. After many years people did not forget about similar structures and in the modern world they acquire great popularity again.
Treatment of baldness Hairstyles and hairdresses
Лечение облысенияThick and beautiful hair was always associated with force and youth therefore their loss by many is perceived painfully. It is considered norm when in day of people loses about hundred hair. On their place there are new - the same color and thickness. However sometimes there is a baldness – a premature hair loss.
How to choose a scarf Clothes
Как выбрать шарфThe scarf is a not only warm cozy thing at cold weather, winds and frosts. The scarf is an accessory which is capable both to decorate, and to spoil appearance of any person. The universal article of clothing approaches any style – classics, a retro, sports and others.
How to strengthen nails Beauty and health
Как укрепить ногтиNot for nothing say that nails are a card of the woman, they not only show as far as the lady appreciates the appearance, but also reflect a state of her health. But bad nails are, at all, not a sentence. The fragile, exfoliating nails can always be helped both with salon, and with house conditions.
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