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Councils for the solution of problems in the field of medical ethics, to a choice of healthy food, prevention of an allergy and another is much.
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How to avoid frostbite in the winter
Как избежать обморожения зимойThe winter very often gives us a set of surprises, but, unfortunately, not all from them pleasant. Sometimes harmless walk in the fresh air can turn back frostbite. But it can be avoided if to follow some simple rules. And if it also happens, it is useful to know and remember that it is necessary to do at frostbite.
How to keep sight
Как сохранить зрениеEyes is a prism through which we learn the world, we recognize ourselves. Therefore it is impossible to forget about care of them. During all life of people observes sight deterioration. Some people quickly take measures, some do not pay attention to it. Let's not postpone this question and at first we will discuss the reasons, and a bit later methods of restoration, treatment and prevention.
Massage for children about one year
Массаж для детей до годаMany experts agree in opinion that in the first year of life the child as plasticine – everything that in it will enclose, what base will give, with that it also will go on life. And irrespective of, healthy your kid or with small was born (or big) – with him it is necessary to be engaged in aberrations! In this case I mean massage.
Modern decisions in the field of physical therapy
Современные решения в области физиотерапииEach of us wants to be healthy, happy and cheerful. But quite often we do not pay to our health due attention. And only when the illness gains power, we go to the attending physician. Drug treatment is capable to revive an organism and nobody cancels it. But it is best of all to carry out it in a complex with other improving procedures.
How to get rid of insects in the house
Как избавиться от насекомых в домеTogether with long-awaited summer to us to the house flies, mosquitoes, wasps, midges, ants and other unpleasant, annoying and biting insects hurry. How to cope with this summer invasion? To us suggest them to poison mercilessly, using fumigant injectors, sprays, aerosols, etc. But there are also natural ways of fight against uninvited guests.
How to protect itself from radiation
Как защитить себя от радиацииIn the light of the latest events on the NPP in Japan, and also when reading daily news on the Internet of many people covers if not a panic, for certain excitement for health of relatives. Let's not begin to give advice in the spirit of "what to do if you saw a nuclear mushroom nearby". Today it will be a question of measures of protection from radiation which any of us can provide to himself.
Dynamic gymnastics for children
Динамическая гимнастика для детейWhen my daughters were small, their grandmother (my mother) was horrified, looking at how we with them frolic. They could be born on the room for legs, shaking here and there. Or for the handle. I called it fuss, without guessing that exercises will be systematized, theoretically proved and them will start applying. Now it is dynamic gymnastics.
The urgent help at cardiac arrest
Неотложная помощь при остановке сердцаArticle considers very actual problem: rendering the urgent help to the person at which warm activity stopped. Sometimes our "ignorance" leads to irreversible consequences. Many people simply do not know how to help the person at whom heart suddenly stopped. But having armed with necessary information, it is possible to save millions of lives!
What to do if the child is hurt by a stomach
Что делать, если у ребенка болит животMany mothers will read this article of how their kid will complain of a tummy pains. For them I will tell at once – urgently to the doctor! And I will tell all rest about possible and very dangerous reasons of belly-aches at children and that it is necessary to undertake immediately.
Peptide bioregulators
Пептидные биорегуляторыThe combination of the words "peptide bioregulators" can be clear not to everyone. However their researches thanks to which treatment of many diseases is possible today, last not one ten years. We will tell in more detail about of what these preparations, and in what, at last, their innovative action consist.
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