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Articles about care of houseplants, flowers. Recommendations about cultivation of vegetables and fruit, useful tips according to the maintenance of a garden and kitchen garden.
Plants: all articles
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Application of seeds of flax
Применение семян льнаThere will be a flax, so will be and is strong – this Old Russian proverb remains actual and presently. And all because this surprising plant conceals in itself big advantage for a human body. Tiny, but extraordinary mighty seeds of flax are especially valuable. How it is correct to apply them, will tell today.
Cultivation of the Beijing cabbage
Выращивание пекинской капустыI think, much of readers of for preparation of various tasty salads get in shops gentle, the extended form kochanchik of the Beijing cabbage. The big benefit is brought by it to our health, especially when the organism needs vitamins and microcells. And after all it can be grown up on the kitchen garden.
Crocuses, cultivation and leaving
Крокусы, выращивание и уходEarly in the spring when the nature only just wakens from a winter dream, it is possible to observe amazingly gentle florets of crocuses. It would seem, not everywhere on a garden site snow thawed, at night subzero temperature, and these small plants already hurry from the earth that one of the first to please us with the flowers, to notify that the spring very soon will come into the own, will bring heat.
Useful properties of an artichoke
Полезные свойства артишокаToday unprecedented popularity is gained by nonconventional medicine. More and more people trusts the health to various plants, quite often among them also the artichoke meets.
Cultivation of an eustoma from seeds
Выращивание эустомы из семянIf you do not represent the window sill or a bed without bright and magnificent flowers, we advise to try to grow up from seeds to the eusty. Also other names of this plant – liziantus, the Texas hand bell, "the Irish rose" meet.
Atserola, advantage and harm
Ацерола, польза и вредAtserola is an evergreen fruit-tree which belongs to Malpigiya's family. This plant is also called as Barbados cherry. The tree on average grows in height to six meters. Leaves of an elliptic form have length about seven centimeters. The fruit resembles cherry superficially, but thus has a little flattened form. The pulp of these berries very juicy also has sourish taste and firm seeds.
Useful properties of a marjoram
Полезные свойства душицыAt the end of summer on glades, forest edges and along roads it is quite often possible to meet a small plant with a set of small light pink or white florets. Thanks to the pleasant aroma this plain grass has the eloquent name a marjoram. Today will tell about all delights of this surprising plant.
Rhododendron, landing and leaving
Рододендрон, посадка и уходThere are such plants, having looked on which, by all means there is a resistant desire, a cherished dream – to lodge at least one look or a grade on the country site. I would carry the bushes of rhododendrons, evergreen or listopadny bushes belonging to big family heather which completely become covered in the spring by remarkable flowers to number of such charming miracles of the nature.
Useful properties of caraway seeds
Полезные свойства тминаCaraway seeds are long since known as spice which is applied often in brines, marinades, sauces and various pastries. Thanks to useful properties and delicate aroma caraway seeds became favourite spice of many hostesses.
Useful properties of arugula
Полезные свойства рукколыUntil recently Russian inhabitants not really knew such grass under the name "arugula". In our region it is considered a weed and "gusenichka" is called. However for quite some time now, especially thanks to various culinary shows, this fragrant nut and mustard make-ready becomes very popular.
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