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Useful tips on tourism and rest in the best resorts of the world. Here you will find everything that is connected with a choice of travel agencies, responses and the description of hotels, sanatoria, ski and medical resorts.
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Beach rest in the winter: where to go? Rounds and excursions
Пляжный отдых зимой: куда поехать?"I so want that the summer did not konchaaatsya that it for me mchaaatsya, for me following", - is sung in the well-known song. If you, looking at snow flakes after a window, sing this song, this article from for you because in it the speech about where to go to rest in the winter, about where there is a hot sun and the sea at that time year when in the homeland cold will go.
Germany, it is useful to know Rounds and excursions
Германия, полезно знатьIn Germany there is a large number of "ideas" which do life of citizens easier. For example, buses are made so that the old person should not clamber in him on steps, the driver can tilt simply by means of special mechanisms a few bus. Many things in Germany not only will surprise you, but also will please.
Rest in Abkhazia Rounds and excursions
Отдых в АбхазииOfficially Abkhazia is a part of Georgia, but Abkhazians so do not consider, Georgians meet very seldom there. The territory of Abkhazia small, is located along the coast of the Black Sea. The best-known resort – Gagra. The capital of Abkhazia – Sukhumi (after war with Georgians the city was not restored yet).
Registration of the Schengen visa Visas and passports
Оформление шенгенской визыWhat is the Schengen visa? It is called by right "a window to Europe"! The Schengen visa is such visa which issues Consulate of one of the countries entering a zone of the Schengen agreement. But what it for the countries, and what it for the agreement? Why it carries such name? And what it is necessary to know about registration of the Schengen visa?
Shopping in Germany Rounds and excursions
Шоппинг в ГерманииShopping in Germany brings a lot of pleasure even to those who is not his admirer. Pleases not only a huge choice, but also conveniences accompanying process. It will be a question of purchase of food, souvenirs, clothes and cosmetics. That it will be just necessary to buy, being in Germany.
Germany, movement over the country Rounds and excursions
Германия, передвижения по странеBusiness trip, travel, training, – the reasons are not important, the main thing – you appeared in Germany or you only should make it. Having got to an unfamiliar place, it is not simple to understand at all how life is arranged, what its rhythm and rules. For that time which you should spend in Germany, it is necessary to see and try a lot of things. What it is tiresome and important to know?
In Turkey - it is useful for excursion to know, part 2 Hotels and hotels
Экскурсии в Турции - полезно знать, часть 2In the previous article we told of historical excursions. In this article will continue the story, and it will be a question of other interesting excursions of Turkey. In one commercial about rest in Turkey the phrase sounds: "Feel a rhythm of life in Turkey". Below some sources, this rhythm the setting are described.
In Turkey - it is useful for excursion to know, part 1 Rounds and excursions
Экскурсии в Турции - полезно знать, часть 1Turkey is the country loved by Russians for high-quality and inexpensive beach rest. Everyone will be able to find in Turkey something interesting to itself(himself), and for satisfaction of these interests numerous travel agencies offer various excursion programs. Here about them the speech in this article will also go.
That is necessary for registration of the international passport Visas and passports
Что нужно для оформления загранпаспортаYou decided to go to rest to other country, but you have no international passport? And, perhaps, have even no idea as far as there can be troublesome a procedure for its registration. That at you everything was prepared in time, will tell how to receive the international passport as well as what to collect documents, and for what time to a trip it is necessary to see to it about obtaining the passport.
The best hotels of Egypt on the coast of the Red Sea Hotels and hotels
Лучшие отели Египта на побережье Красного моряIt is impossible to describe all hotels of Egypt ready to accept tourists as them in the country is more than five hundred today! But nevertheless will try to consider some of them, leaning on positive, and not really, responses of the compatriots who visited there this year.
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