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Useful tips on different subjects which were not included into other sections. And as addition - reference books (telephone, address, medical, etc.).
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As it is correct to drink not to get drunk It is useful to know
Как правильно пить, чтобы не пьянетьProcess of the use of alcoholic beverages – a true art! Feasts happen in life of each person rather often. It happens and so, what it is necessary to drink (for example, with business partners), and it is impossible to get drunk. Let's learn drink so that pleasant euphoria at the beginning of a feast did not develop into nausea and a headache for the morning after it.
What to choose a bath Rest and entertainments
Какую выбрать банюPresently there are many judges of bathing ritual. Old traditions revive, there are new. Finnish, Turkish, Japanese, Russian – and it only types of a traditional bath. How not to be lost in this variety and not to do much harm to health? It is necessary to show consideration for a choice of bathing ritual very much. Let's examine types of a bath popular today.
Review of Frankenvini's animated film Cinema
Рецензия на мультфильм Франкенвини"Frankenvini" is a doll animated film, children's option of history about Frankenstein. His main character – the boy by the name of Victor Frankenstein. He likes to shoot house movies and to assemble various mechanisms, and his only loyal and devoted friend – a dog by the name of Sparki. Victor's life changes after his favourite dog perishes under car wheels.
Laws of money – how to keep and increase greatly the capital The unknown
Законы денег – как сохранить и преумножить капиталMoney is an energy. Not such powerful, as love, but not less desired. Money gives us the chance to breathe a full breast, to enjoy life and to do favorite thing. To attract money, it is necessary to work. But, having received desirable, it is important to save it and to increase greatly. And it simply is not real without knowledge of Money, special, general for all Laws. Also we will talk about them.
The first campaign in a zoo with the child Rest and entertainments
Первый поход в зоопарк с ребенкомIn the apartment mess. The father represents an elephant, mother mews and grabbles, elder sister neighs as a horse is days off came. All relatives of the house entertain the child. In a word – a zoo! By the way, the campaign in a real zoo is an excellent idea. The main thing to be prepared for this almost real hike both morally, and is material.
How to have interview to a position of the sales representative Work
Как пройти собеседование на должность торгового представителяThe one who at least once visited similar interview, knows as everything not simply. You do not even represent that for you waits – pressure, psychological tricks or selection by "secret" criteria. Everything cannot be provided, but to prepare for interview it is necessary. The sales representative has to possess the mass of qualities.
Feng shui of office for career growth The unknown
Фэн-шуй офиса для карьерного ростаThe feng shui helps to grant desires, gives health and love. However, with its help it is possible to attract many interesting career offers, to achieve success in any business. You paid attention, what one firms prosper, and at others – constant financial problems? Perhaps a problem in the management, and it is possible, the office is simply located not correctly. Also we will talk about it.
Alcoholic beverages, use etiquette It is useful to know
Алкогольные напитки, этикет употребленияToday alcoholic beverages strike with the variety. They are always in demand. In order that it is correct to take alcoholic beverages, it is not enough to know about their existence. It is necessary to have elementary ideas of their variety, and also to know alcohol intake etiquette. It will help formation of the correct relation to alcoholic drinks.
How to gather mushrooms It is useful to know
Как собирать грибыI wish to all visitors warm fall. Now it is a high time to rise a bit earlier, to collect buckets and to go to the suburb. The wood covered by gentle dew has an unusual smell. In particular, young fir-trees, so-called mushroom pickers "young growth", simply bewitches the virginity. Only some steps, a look under a small fir-tree – and here it, our first mushroom.
Councils to the copywriter Work
Советы копирайтеруAt school all of us wrote various compositions. Whether we could think, what in the future we will be able to earn on the acquired skills? Many Internet resources need text filling – content. Depending on resource type, they need contents, various on quality and an essence. Someone needs a copyright, and someone quite manages rewriting.
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