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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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Use of palm-oil Beauty and health
Применение пальмового маслаPalm-oil became wide to be applied not so long ago, and still round it disputes do not cease. One say that it is an irreplaceable product in cookery, especially in pastries, their opponents claim that oil bears only harm. Today will try to understand this question.
Blood transfusion from spots Beauty and health
Переливание крови от прыщейSpots, perhaps, one of the most hated skin diseases for many young men and girls. To get rid of them, young people resort to many means: from cosmetic and medicines to diets. When both that, and another is ineffectual, experts advise more radical method – blood transfusion. Today will reveal all secrets of this way of fight against spots.
Use of oil of a thistle Beauty and health
Применение масла расторопшиThis weed is not loved very much by summer residents and first of all clean from a kitchen garden, even without representing, what value it comprises. In the people it is called still "prickle" or "thistle", and scientifically he is called "a thistle spotty".
How to wash spots from a grass Clothes
Как отстирать пятна от травыFor certain each hostess knows that spots from a grass one of the most hardly removed. The jeans smeared with juicy greens, shorts or a t-shirt will upset each of us. And, for example, having a rest outdoors, becomes not to fun at all – all thoughts are concentrated how to remove a spot. Do not hurry to throw out a thing or to write off in the category of house use.
Application of a saffron Beauty and health
Применение шафранаToday in the world hundreds and even thousands of various seasonings and spices are. On their background the saffron is brightly allocated. Even the name of this east spice blows as mysteriousness and refinement. Very few people know that this spice is applied not only in cookery, but also widely used in cosmetology, medicine and other spheres of human life.
Use of corn oil Beauty and health
Применение кукурузного маслаAll of us very much love sweet corn and we look forward when it keeps up to manage to take pleasure in special taste and to fill an organism with useful substances. But it is possible to make it only once in a year. And here to use the oil received from corn it is possible all the year round.
Fluoration of teeth Beauty and health
Фторирование зубовEvery time as tooth will ache, at each of us involuntarily slips thought: "And after all it was possible to avoid it!". And every time we very much try to think up a worthy justification to the fear of dentists. And meanwhile, there is a procedure for strengthening of teeth which and pains to you will not deliver, and will reduce number of your visits to the stomatologist.
What is the ozonoterapiya Beauty and health
Что такое озонотерапияFor the first time the ozonolecheniye began to be applied last century. And now, when the medicine does not stand still, curative properties of this substance began to apply everything more active. Thanks to use of ozone, such therapy possesses powerful action, and, according to most of doctors, the technique will replace the majority of medicines soon.
Use of cedar oil Beauty and health
Применение кедрового маслаIt is not necessary to confuse cedar oil which turns out by a cold extraction from nuts of the Siberian cedar, with essential oil which is extracted from wood. Nut oil is applied not only in cookery, but also in traditional medicine, and in cosmetology.
How to bring pitch out of clothes Clothes
Как вывести смолу из одеждыIf you found a pitch spot on the clothes, do not despair, will tell how to bring pitch out of clothes and thus not to do much harm fabrics. For this purpose there are some easy ways.
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