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Councils for the solution of problems in the field of medical ethics, to a choice of healthy food, prevention of an allergy and another is much.
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Magnetic and Resonant Tomography (MRT)
Магнитно-резонансная томография (МРТ)One of the most reliable medical assistants directed by the correct diagnosis is the magnetic and resonant tomography (MRT). Despite quite prolonged use of this method, patients to these still have some negative attitude to "inventions" of this sort. We suggest to understand as the research, in its indications and contraindications.
Tooth implants
Зубные имплантатыStomatologists sound alarm for a long time – too becomes people with a complete set of the teeth which are not demanding treatment a little. Total absence of one or several teeth also any more not a rarity. Let's talk about absolutely new and very perspective direction in surgical stomatology – implantation by means of a titanic core.
Family doctor, pros and cons
Семейный врач, за и противToday all of us meet family doctors in district clinics more often. They do not hurry to write out the direction to the narrow expert, and try to treat independently. Well? From the point of view of organizers of health care very much even it is justified. From a position of a usual family the choice is not always obvious. Qualification of the doctor, cost and the list of services - here the main issues.
How to find the good doctor: exercise in a choice judgment
Как найти хорошего врача: подойдите к выбору правильноSooner or later any person is set by this, actually, vital issue. To whom to address for council and consultation, where to find the doctor of a rare orientation, to what hospital to go to make tests or to lay down on inspection? Considering the range of offers, process of search of the qualified medical care can be dragged out for long months. Fortunately, the exit is.
Effective fight against house wreckers
Эффективная борьба с домашними вредителямиIn spite of the fact that we live in present period, some species of insects continue to adjoin to us closely. Among them the most importunate are cockroaches, a moth, fleas, mosquitoes, ants and flies. They shamelessly creep on personal belongings, food, spoil furniture, have infectious diseases. At observance of the general rules it is possible to secure itself against them.
Baby swimming
Грудничковое плаваниеEven before childbirth I resolved – my child will be healthy! How to achieve it? My many acquaintances as a way of maintenance of health of the kid did with it swimming. It seemed to me that it is interesting, and I decided to find out about it more. And became stronger in thought even more that swimming for kids is useful. So, it is solved – we will be engaged!
How to be saved from pincers
Как уберечься от клещейThe hot season attracts prospect to receive a portion of a bronze tan, to visit favourite giving, to walk on the next glade in search of mushrooms, berries. And here we stop ourselves on thought that walk on a grass will hardly bring the expected pleasure. After all with arrival of long-awaited heat also dangerous carriers of infectious diseases – pincers "come to life".
As it is correct to call the ambulance
Как правильно вызвать скорую помощьMuch of us happened to address to ambulance. Often it is necessary to call the doctor in a non-standard situation when the decision needs to be made immediately. Often time of arrival of ambulance depends on that, the addressed could provide how right and full information. Let's understand as it is correct to cause an emergency medical service.
The herbs reducing appetite
Травы, уменьшающие аппетитAlways the subject concerning excess weight is very actual. People ask questions and look for the correct methods of fight against unnecessary kilograms. The herbs reducing appetite or so-called "for weight loss" enjoy the increasing popularity. Still our ancestors collected manually different types of herbs, did of them infusions and used together with food or separately from it.
Gas generation at newborns
Газообразование у новорожденныхChildren – flowers of our life when they are ill, apparently, anything cannot be worse already simply. In the first months of life each kid has problems with a tummy. Any mummy should worry enough a little for a condition of the child as all this is followed by strong crying. The child has no intestinal microflora as that, unpleasant feelings also are connected with it.
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