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Useful tips on psychology are some kind of consultations on problematic issues of the relations in a family, between the man and the woman, developments of the personality and children's psychology.
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How to determine character by color of eyes Psychology of the personality
Как определить характер по цвету глазEyes are called not for nothing "window to the soul" – they can tell sometimes much more, than words. Thus eyes never lie. They can be silent, and can speak, and emotionally and loudly. By the way, from all beings in the world only at the person noticeable whites of the eyes. In it there is the privilege, after all thanks to it people can determine character of the person by eyes a condition of the interlocutor and his feeling.
How to become the stinker Psychology of the personality
Как стать стервойYou are a woman. It became heavy to you to live? You fears and especially constantly overcome what men do not pay to you attention? And if there was at you a novel – everything quickly comes to an end. You were offended again. How not to give itself in offense? How to make so that your feet had men? will tell you how to begin the real woman – to become the stinker.
How to keep love Psychology of the relations
Как сохранить любовьAt the beginning of the relations it seems that your feelings will eternally last, but passes month, then year, passion ceases, and here already you already together with each other it is more on a habit. Not so burning kisses, not so languid views … How to make so that the love did not disappear, and was the satellite of couple for many years. About it is one more detailed today.
How to keep the relations at distance Psychology of the relations
Как сохранить отношения на расстоянииIt in America, it in Russia. "What love?!" - many will exclaim. "The most real", - those who already passed torture in kilometers will answer and passed tests. Actually, everything is subject to the real feelings: both distance, and separation. And it is possible to live all life side by side and by 60 years "not to get on together".
How to manipulate men Psychology of the relations
Как манипулировать мужчинамиSo women are arranged, they want that their feet had a whole world. And who has to put it there? Of course, man. Only men have often in this respect other opinion. And here already depends on the woman, whether it will carry out all her whims or not. But each person has weak places, having well studied which, it is possible to be engaged in a manipulation quietly.
How to do compliments to men Psychology of the relations
Как делать комплименты мужчинамSo it developed in our society that compliments can be paid generally to women. And to state a praise to the man for the fair sex somehow not comme il faut. Of course, all this silly prejudices. For a long time psychologists proved that 99 men from 100 at the subconscious level wait for admiration and approval.
Teenage love Psychology of the relations
Подростковая любовьTime flies very quickly, especially for mothers. Only yesterday, appear, studied information how to change diapers, and today already we look for answers to questions what to do if the teenager fell in love? And in this question, the main thing – not to do much harm, because mentality of the teenager – piece thin.
How to surprise the girlfriend Psychology of the relations
Как удивить любимую девушку"And you ever awoke with aroma of roses?.". Women love pleasant surprises. It is the fact. And many men prefer not to think of this fact. Here also it turns out – everyday life, routine, boredom. tried to collect some ideas which can be used by men in love in practice.
NLP - neurolinguistic programming Psychology of the personality
НЛП - нейролингвистическое программированиеWithin the standard program of a course of psychology which is taught as a general education subject in the majority of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS of Russia, surely address to the Pyramid of requirements — hierarchical model of needs of the person which reflects one of the most popular and known theories of motivation — the theory of hierarchy of requirements.
How to respond to rudeness Psychology of the relations
Как отвечать на хамствоRudeness surrounds us always and everywhere: in shop and transport, on the street, at movie theater, anywhere from it not to hide. It offends and will wound many people. I think that each of readers of faced this unpleasant phenomenon when in the most usual everyday situation of people suddenly hears the offensive: "Where you prt, undress eyes!" or "You talk the complete nonsense!".
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