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Rounds and excursions

Councils for rounds and excursions in the best resorts of Egypt, Turkey, Spain, Greece and many others, including on the organization of rest for children.
Rounds and excursions: all articles
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Rest in Romania
Отдых в РумынииRomania is a beautiful, amazing, mysterious country with interesting culture, the beautiful nature and history. It borders on Hungary, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Moldova. Many nationalities are lived in its territory. These are Roma, Hungarians, Germans, Romanians, Russians, Ukrainians, Moldavians.
Rest in Odessa
Отдых в ОдессеWhy it is worth having a rest in Odessa? This city is unique. This city – mixture of all nations, languages, dialects, kitchens, people and blood. The city which presented not only the well-known Odessa humour and the Odessa language, but also many great people who became classics during lifetime – Babel, Ilf and Petrov, Sonka the Gold Handle, Mishka Yaponchik, and Zhvanetsky at last!
Righi's sights
Достопримечательности РигиThreshing barn – the amazing ancient city, beautiful and with the aura. But you will tell that there is a lot of such interesting cities in Europe. So why Riga? In Latvia the temperate climate, here seldom happens hot or stuffy. Besides, the recreational zone is very useful is a strip about the sea with dunes and pines, to walk there – big advantage for health.
Excursion to James Bond's, Thailand islands
Экскурсия на острова Джеймса Бонда, ТаиландIn Thailand there are a lot of remarkable and mysterious places which want to be visited. Today I want to tell about our voyage on the gulf Pkhang-Nga, I will share impressions about its unique islands. I will try to describe the visited places, their beauty readers will see on a photo, and also learn why two of islands fight for the right to bear a name of James Bond.
Sights of Da Lat, Vietnam
Достопримечательности Далата, ВьетнамDa Lat – the real pearl of Vietnam, it is not similar to one of the cities of Southeast Asia. When you get to Da Lat, you forget in general in what you to the country are, it is simple because it differs from all Vietnam strikingly. Da Lat practically differs in everything: beginning from fresh and incredibly "tasty" pine air and finishing with architecture of streets and houses.
Excursion to Similansky islands, Thailand
Экскурсия на Симиланские острова, ТаиландAs well as many tourists, for rest in Thailand we chose a pearl of the Andaman Sea – the island Phuket. In a form it is really similar to the wrong pearl. It is the largest Thai island, to the continent it is connected by long Sarasin Bridge. In one of days we with the girlfriend visited the Similansky archipelago, here about this fascinating travel I today and I will tell.
What to look in Istanbul in 4 days
Что посмотреть в Стамбуле за 4 дняOur arrival by plane had, certainly, a positive effect – change of seasons was so obvious that it pleasantly excited and did not disappoint at all. The Moscow winter has few pluses, and the Istanbul spring in January is fine. We had only four full days for which because of Istanbul there was a strong wish to make out ancient Constantinople.
Sights of Dubrovnik, Croatia
Достопримечательности Дубровника, ХорватияIf to look at Dubrovnik from air, the Old city seems absolutely small, new areas in the West, the peninsula Babin Cook and Lapad dominate. However on the district of distance are counted in a different way. Because Dubrovnik all in steps – the quicker you will get used to consider them about yourself that precisely the nobility, how many remained, the easier on them to climb up.
Island of Corfu, Greece
Остров Корфу, ГрецияWhy it is worth going in May? Not that the island of Corfu was bad in the rest of the time of year, but in May a keyword – not a season. Beaches are empty and pure, at restaurant the little table with the best look is always free, country houses by the sea stand idle. Surprisingly? Hey yeah! The only minus – the sea is coldish, but it is easily compensated to that you will enjoy this sea proud loneliness.
Rest in Greece
Отдых в ГрецииGreece – the country loved by many travelers, it is known, admire it, aspire to it. But not all know it such, what it from within – local customs, life of ordinary Greeks, their traditions and rest. In this article there is a wish to add a few information from the persons living many years in Greece. I hope, it is useful to the tourists going to a way.
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