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Rest and entertainments

Councils for a variety of your rest. What unusual entertainments to think up to itself at a leisure, where to go to have a rest and many other ways of relaxation - about everything read in this section.
Rest and entertainments: all articles
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What to choose a bath
Какую выбрать банюPresently there are many judges of bathing ritual. Old traditions revive, there are new. Finnish, Turkish, Japanese, Russian – and it only types of a traditional bath. How not to be lost in this variety and not to do much harm to health? It is necessary to show consideration for a choice of bathing ritual very much. Let's examine types of a bath popular today.
The first campaign in a zoo with the child
Первый поход в зоопарк с ребенкомIn the apartment mess. The father represents an elephant, mother mews and grabbles, elder sister neighs as a horse is days off came. All relatives of the house entertain the child. In a word – a zoo! By the way, the campaign in a real zoo is an excellent idea. The main thing to be prepared for this almost real hike both morally, and is material.
How to organize a party in the Italian style
Как организовать вечеринку в итальянском стилеOrganizing the Italian party, of course, you will want to give all color – an infinite palette of paints of this attractive country. It would seem, it is extremely difficult. Actually, having given some significant strokes to our action, it is possible to create the tremendous Italian atmosphere which none of your guests will not leave indifferent.
Rules of visit and behavior at theater
Правила посещения и поведения в театреThe theater is a kind of art. Here art action which gives us new ideas is made, changes outlook. At visit of theater captures spirit from its greatness, strict beauty, classical architecture. The theater is such place where the well-mannered, decent person will want to come back again and again.
As it is correct to take a steam bath in a bath
Как правильно париться в банеIs not present for the Russian person of bigger pleasure, than in the winter when on street frost and blizzard, to descend to take a steam bath with friends in a bath or a sauna. It became a good tradition which means the weakening rest as a hobby and bodies in the amicable company. Despite it, not everyone is familiar with elementary rules. So, what you have to remember, being going to come into "sweating room"?
How to adjust a guitar
Как настроить гитаруThere are two methods of adjusting of an acoustic guitar: on hearing and by means of equipment (computer). Control of a guitar aurally demands certain acoustical skills, differently in any way. Adjusters hear a sound and adjust a guitar string in unison. It is possible to carry out exact control of a guitar also, having any computer and a microphone.
How to diversify sexual life in marriage
Как разнообразить сексуальную жизнь в бракеWhen families fall, husbands leave, wives change, we blame anyone, only not own laziness and the unwillingness to embody sexual imaginations in reality. Statistically, 95% of stains are the result of sexual incompatibility, to be exact, of inaction and monotony in a bed. What measures to take to keep the relations and to find harmony in sex?
How to choose a guitar
Как выбрать гитаруKnowing on what sounding of the tool depends, you will not be able to be trapped upon purchase of a guitar. But not everyone who is already able to play on it, will be able not to become puzzled at a choice. Only having played the long period of time a guitar, it is possible to understand what exactly is not enough for you. Therefore I will try to help with a guitar choice, to tell about important details.
How to learn to draw
Как научиться рисоватьEach of us has some desires or the purposes for which earlier we did not have enough time for their realization. Some would like to learn to dance, someone would like to be able to play a piano or a violin. Also among us there are people who would like to learn to draw. It is not so difficult as it seems at first sight.
What tackles are necessary for fishing
Какие снасти нужны для рыбалкиWhen you gather for fishing, it is necessary not to forget to take with itself a set of important things, and, of course, among them tackles are the most important. Tackles happen the most different, they differ on a season, a place of catching and a species of fish. Each tackle deserves detailed consideration – what it and for what it is used.
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On May 13, 2009 the British fishermen caught a huge oyster. Its weight makes 1,3 kg, and the size of 17,5 cm. However, the oyster weighing 3,6 kg and 30 cm long, caught in 1999 at the coast of the State of Virginia is considered the biggest.