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Psychology of the relations

Councils for psychology of the relations. In the section information about the interpersonal, family relations (parental, matrimonial), between the man and the woman, and also business aspects of a question.
Psychology of the relations: all articles
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How to surprise the girlfriend
Как удивить любимую девушку"And you ever awoke with aroma of roses?.". Women love pleasant surprises. It is the fact. And many men prefer not to think of this fact. Here also it turns out – everyday life, routine, boredom. tried to collect some ideas which can be used by men in love in practice.
How to respond to rudeness
Как отвечать на хамствоRudeness surrounds us always and everywhere: in shop and transport, on the street, at movie theater, anywhere from it not to hide. It offends and will wound many people. I think that each of readers of faced this unpleasant phenomenon when in the most usual everyday situation of people suddenly hears the offensive: "Where you prt, undress eyes!" or "You talk the complete nonsense!".
How to behave on the first appointment
Как вести себя на первом свиданииThe first appointment is, perhaps, one of the most memorable events in our life if, it, of course led to the serious relations. It especially that everyone who is going to meet for the first time the person, new to himself, extraordinary worries, after all to it wants to make the best impression about itself.
How to return the ex-boyfriend
Как вернуть бывшего парняHow to return the ex-boyfriend? This problem excites most of young girls. And each of us at least once in life asked a similar question. Many couples leave because of gossips. One more widespread situation – appeared the competitor. If your guy kind and attentive and suddenly left to another, unambiguously, both are guilty of it. Let's try understand.
Why girls love bad guys
Почему девушки любят плохих парнейIn spite of the fact that "good guys" are often more educated, achieve success in career easier and possess a set of merits, girls continue to fall in love with "bad guys", risking to be deceived and thrown. Why the image of "the bad guy" so attracts a weak half of mankind? And what to do to "good guys"?
How to find to itself friends
Как найти себе друзейMany years ago La Rochefoucauld noticed that as if the true love seldom did not meet, the true friendship meets even less often. Often friendship call only the friendly relations – when it is interesting to spend time with the person. In our times the situation did not change at all, to find the true friend very difficult. Despite it, let's look for friends and to learn to be on friendly terms.
How to return the wife
Как вернуть женуMarried women often are afraid of leaving of the husband, and here men start thinking of the reasons of so drastic measures only while the entrance door was closed behind the wife. No entreaties, tears and talk up to this point in 99% of cases are perceived by the man seriously. If you ask yourself a question "How to return the wife?", this article for you.
How to endure divorce
Как пережить разводIn life of each person at the most inappropriate moment it happens quite unpleasant situations. Be sure when they occurred, you will never be ready to them. Today we will talk about rather widespread phenomenon – as divorce. Women always very painfully transfer this test, and for you, lovely ladies, will be useful the following councils.
How to return trust of darling
Как вернуть доверие любимого человекаWhat to do if the trust of darling disappeared? How to live further? The root of the word "trust" is a belief, belief in correctness of acts of other person, that the actions it will not do harm neither to you, nor your relations. And how to be to on what fault there was a loss of trust? Let's try to understand this hard situation.
How to forget the former
Как забыть бывшегоThe desperate laughter through tears, intentionally vigorous voice is now, at work, with girlfriends. And houses in the evening silence and emptiness, any tears in a pillow, simply pain. Such feelings are familiar to women around the world irrespective of age and the social status. The reason is banal and terrible – parting with the guy. Do not try to deceive yourself, repeating false "everything is good". It not so.
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