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Psychology of the personality

Councils from psychology area which will help not only to lift to themselves and another mood, but also by means of simple tricks to get rid of shortcomings of culture of communication.
Psychology of the personality: all articles
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How to bring up in itself resistance to stress?
Как воспитать в себе стрессоустойчивость?"It is not necessary to be afraid of a stress. It does not happen only at the dead. The stress should be operated. The operated stress bears in itself aroma and taste of life." (Hans Selye, the Canadian scientist) When say about the person that he – stress-resistant, it means that he is able to cope with stresses. Difficultly it or is easy? decided to understand this question. And for a start small test.
How quickly to define psychotype of the person
Как быстро определить психотип человекаFive psychotypes are created by Susan Dellinger, the American psychologist. She called the theory – psychogeometry as all its psychotypes are associated with one of the main geometrical figures. According to psychologists, people seldom happen pronounced one psychotype, most often, it is the mixed types, with prevalence of one main type.
How to develop attention
Как развить вниманиеVarious deviations in attention can lead to failures. For example, I know the girl who at interview did not pass a test for IQ of work. As it appeared, she can solve almost all tasks of test for IQ. And here the test for switching of attention showed that it needs a lot of time for switching for the following task. I suggested it to train attention.
When the help of the psychologist is necessary
Когда нужна помощь психологаIt is possible to call psychology cunning science. It has the principles and certain techniques, and here guarantees of their effective action – almost any. And services of these experts rather expensive. Therefore it would be desirable to understand competently, the profession "psychologist" is an excellent way of speculation on others grief or the real help for worthy remuneration?
How to develop intuition
Как развить интуициюHow many times happened so: the internal voice prompts to you how to arrive, but following logic and analyzing circumstances, you prefer other way. It is bad or is good, not so important. And here that fact that a voice inside everything becomes more silent and more silent each time, it is necessary to sort thoroughly. The intuition becomes dull if not to use it and not to develop.
How to struggle with a stress
Как бороться со стрессомRemained people on the planet who are not familiar with this state very little. The stress is series of events which we perceive as threat to our wellbeing that brings nervous system into tension, and it in turn causes problems with physical and psychological health. Symptoms of a stress are signals that in life is time to change something.
How to cease to be nervous
Как перестать нервничатьAs in due time cheeful Mark Twain absolutely fairly noticed: "The person is so arranged that having ceased to worry about one, he starts worrying about other". Problems, cares, questions small and large go an infinite train and a dense system. To stop this march to anybody not in power. But how to meet him, solves everyone in own way.
How to get off the notions of compulsion
Как избавиться от навязчивых мыслейEach person in the life faces the notions of compulsion. They can be shown in the form of doubts: Whether "I switched off a plate?", whether "I closed water?" etc. Such thoughts are considered as norm and do not demand any correction. But, if they become a daily habit and find the reflection in other spheres of life, it speaks about existence of neurosis of the notions of compulsion.
How to get rid of phobias
Как избавиться от фобийThe word "phobia" happens from Greek "fear" though modern psychologists are inclined to differentiate these two concepts. The phobia is a panic fear something. This state in which the person absolutely loses control over himself. Let's try to understand how to arrive in case the panic fear prevents you to live and what to do if the frightening situation already overtook you.
Emotional burning out
Эмоциональное выгораниеThe term "emotional burning out" (burn out) arose relatively recently. Emotional burning out comes when the person throughout a long time spends emotional energy, practically without having opportunity to fill up it. In "group of risk" physicians, psychologists, teachers, social workers. Though representatives of other professions are also subject to it.
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