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Hairstyles and hairdresses

Councils for a choice of female and man's hairdresses (hairstyles). And also useful information about fashionable short and long man's hairstyles, wedding and evening hairdresses, styling sprays and another.
Hairstyles and hairdresses: all articles
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How to use pieces of chalk for hair
Как пользоваться мелками для волосThe American scandalous celebrities Lauren Conrad, Kelly Osborn and Nicki Minaj change a hair color almost every day. How they manage it and why they can change a hair color to the most unusual shades? Sometimes we too want to change and "try on" on ourselves unusual colors – lavandovy, turquoise and even pink.
Kefiric masks for hair
Кефирные маски для волосIn spite of the fact that today it is possible to find the last development of the cosmetic industry in shops, all the same there are actual means of our ancestors, namely simple natural masks, for example, kefiric. By means of such mixes we will talk about subtleties and nuances of treatment and improvement of structure of hair further.
Use of vinegar for hair
Применение уксуса для волосFor the majority vinegar is an irreplaceable product in cookery. Though, actually its application is much broader. So, for example, it is actively used in cosmetology. About what advantage vinegar represents for hair, we will tell further.
Colourless henna for hair
Бесцветная хна для волосIn care of hair colourless henna was widely used. It strengthens hair, adds them delightful gloss and silkiness. If it is correct to prepare and apply henna, it is possible to forget about such problem as a brittle hair and to stop their loss.
As it is beautiful to take away a bang
Как красиво убрать челку Integral part of appeal of the woman - her hair. Careful leaving, food and conditioning of hair are very important, but also it is necessary to be able to issue competently them in a hairdress. To many women there are bangs. Practically each girl at least several times in life tried to cut off and let grow a bang, in passing experimenting its length, a form and density.
How to wash away henna from hair
Как смыть хну с волосToday most of girls and women try to dye the hair natural dyes. The old and checked decades means for coloring of hair – henna, helps to change a natural hair color. But it has one essential shortcoming – to wash away natural paint from hair very difficult.
Burdock root for hair
Корень лопуха для волосAny woman dreams of a beautiful, thick, silky hair. And the root of the most usual burdock can help it with it. It, possessing wonderful properties, it is capable to make hair simply irresistible. As – today also we learn.
Clarification of hair cinnamon
Осветление волос корицейIf you do not wish to spoil hair aggressive paints, it is possible to try an interesting method of clarification of hair by means of cinnamon. It will clarify your head of hear on some tones, and also will add to hair delightful gloss and volume.
How to make a bunch of hair
Как сделать пучок из волосThe female mood, as it is known – is changeable. That we want to carry a straight hair, to braid a braid, to make beautiful curls. Happens also such that all manipulations with hair so bothered. There is a wish that hair have a rest, but thus the hairdress was accurate. How to make it? Easily – try to build a bunch from hair.
How to lay a bang
Как уложить челкуThe bang for each woman is a small tool by means of which it is possible to change the hairstyle and to become more attractive. But so happens that not each woman is able to dispose of the bang, and in inept hands it can spoil any even the most stylish hairdress at all.
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