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Councils about tailoring and to leaving for man's, female and even a kidswear. Information for every taste: from sportswear to fashionable and elite. And, of course, the help in a choice for pregnant women.
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How to erase a down-padded coat
Как стирать пуховикThe winter just about will come and it is just a high time to think how to refresh the favourite pukhovichok. To carry it in a dry-cleaner – it is expensive and time is not always enough, and here to wash independently in the washing machine, perhaps, it is worth trying.
Style bokho in clothes
Стиль бохо в одеждеFashion trends are done not stand still and not cease to be surprised with novelties. Relatively recently there was a style bokho with which many women fell in love. This refined combination of free (hippie) and bohemian images. At creation of new onions it is worth being extremely careful and not to lose sense of proportion as it is possible to combine some styles at the same time not everyone.
How to remove a rust from clothes
Как удалить ржавчину с одеждыIt is known that most the removed spot from all possible is difficult is a rust. And having seen it on clothes of the members of household, many hostesses very much are upset and often consider that the only right decision – to throw out. But it not so. Actually there are very many ways which will help to get rid of a rusty spot on any clothes.
How to choose a bathing suit: model, color, material
Как выбрать купальник: модель, цвет, материалWhat can be better, than roll on a sand beach in serene summer day? For this reason even in the winter we try to get out to the warm countries. Of course, in order that your sea tour became actually comfortable, cheerful and memorable, it is necessary to think at once of many things in advance – a right choice of a bathing suit one of them.
With what to carry to park
С чем носить паркуToday very popular both among women, and among men became park. And it is not surprising! In such jacket everyone will feel comfortably and attractively at all seasons of the year. Designers took care of it and developed some models for every season. Let's understand with what to carry to park to look always irresistible.
With what to wear jeans boyfriends
С чем носить джинсы бойфрендыEvery year in female clothes appears clothes of male style more and more. White shirts, butterflies, ties, loafers and even tuxedos. And it is not connected at all by that at the weaker sex became practically as much the rights, as well as at representatives opposite. All is much simpler – fashion trends do not stand still and designers continue to surprise with new and courageous decisions.
With what to carry loafers
С чем носить лоферыThe last some seasons of one of the most stylish footwear for fall are considered loafers. They are popular, as among women, and men. And it is not surprising. Convenience of such footwear is that it can be put on as in everyday life, and to appear in it at important business meetings. But to look always effective and irresistible, it is necessary to know with what to combine loafers.
With what to wear a jean skirt
С чем носить джинсовую юбкуToday practically at each woman of fashion will be in clothes though one jean skirt. Also buy it girls not only because it is fashionable but also because it stylishly, is practical and it is convenient. Today it is possible to get a skirt in shop. It is correct to pick up suitable model more difficult.
With what to wear gym shoes
С чем носить кедыToday gym shoes are one of the most popular types of footwear. They are carried practically by all – children, teenagers and adults. At all not on physical education classes as it was in far Soviet period, and every day. Having put on them, you can create any image – from the sports hooligan to the glamourous lady, from the good boy to the brutal man!
Empire dresses
Платья в стиле ампирThe fine, air and empire womanly dresses which strongly became fashionable at the beginning of the 19th century did not lose the popularity and nowadays. They are used in the image by young beauties and mature ladies, business office workers and the business lady.
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