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Cosmetics and perfumery

Councils for a choice of elite and medical cosmetics - lipstick, nail varnish, mascara, shampoo, sun-protection cream. Learn how it is correct to do a make-up and manicure.
Cosmetics and perfumery: all articles
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What is the CC cream
Что такое CC-кремWomen with a novelty in the cosmetic industry VV-cream as it is succeeded by the novelty called by SS-cream did not manage to play enough enough. This novelty walks to us too from the East, to be exact, from Korea, and gained such steam that today the most leading Chanel and Giorgio Armani brands started production of so-called SS-cosmetics.
Than to dilute mascara
Чем разбавить тушь для ресницIt is difficult to present a cosmetics bag of the modern woman without mascara. Today it, perhaps, the most ordinary means to put itself at least in relative order. First of all – to make up eyelashes.
How to disguise spots
Как замаскировать прыщиIn life of each girl or woman there is a problem of heat-spots or even acne rash. And it even not always depends on what type of skin it possesses, normal, dry, fat, combined – the heat-spot all the same will get out sooner or later. And most often it occurs well absolutely at the wrong time. offers the readers easy ways of masking of problems of skin.
How to apply blush
Как наносить румянаNot all women attach significance to blush, and it is vain. Blush – one of the major strokes in a make-up. They are capable both to spoil all efforts, and to bring a highlight in your appearance, to emphasize advantages and to hide shortcomings. The site suggests to understand a set of nuances of putting blush and will open the most intimate councils which will turn you into the beauty queen.
Choice of brushes for a make-up
Выбор кистей для макияжа"Wow, how many beautiful brushes and what all of them different!", - one customer told, having seen in shop of cosmetics sets with a set of brushes for a make-up. Honestly, and for what them it is necessary so much? And as it is correct to pick up a brush for blush, for powder, for shadows and for putting lipstick, we now also will understand.
Use of nanocosmetics
Использование нанокосметикиThanks to modern scientific development, in particular, to nanotechnologies, at last became available miracle cream and serum which can get into the deepest layers of skin and fight against active signs of aging from within. The legend is fresh, but is trusted hardly? Let's try understand, what such nanocosmetics and whether really it is so effective?
Korean cosmetics: "snake contra snails"
Корейская косметика: «змея» против «улитки»Today will acquaint you with two means for care of skin round eyes of the Korean firm Tony Moly. It is about disposable patches masks on the basis of snake poison and on the basis of slime of snails.
What is the byyuti-blender
Что такое бьюти-блендерAround the world there will be no such woman who would not dream of ideally equal complexion. But, alas, units can brag of beautiful complexion by nature, for other women the leading manufacturing firms of cosmetics constantly invent various voice-frequency means.
Make-up for the fall 2013
Макияж на осень 2013The fashion constantly changes, every day there are new tendencies. And, of course, it does not avoid a make-up. After all the woman has to be not only is fashionably dressed, but also made up. Everything that you need to learn about new trends of a fashionable make-up for fall 2013, you learn from today.
How to make lip balm the hands
Как сделать бальзам для губ своими рукамиLip balm is one of the most favourite means among women. It is always bought instead of hygienic lipstick, especially without reflecting, than these two means differ. Lip balm is directed on curing already available problem. If to compare production from shop and that that it was made the hands, the last is always much better.
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