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Councils for the solution of problems in the field of medical ethics, to a choice of healthy food, prevention of an allergy and another is much.
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How to clear blood
Как очистить кровьBlood – important liquid of our organism which provides health of each body. If in blood there are any harmful substances and elements, so there are serious problems, and the organism will not be able to function as before, after all blood is responsible for quality and level of working capacity.
As the intestines irrigoskopiya is carried out
Как проводится ирригоскопия кишечникаThe majority of proktologichesky diseases is connected with that in a large intestine there are pathological changes. But how to the doctor-proctologist to understand, what for a problem happened in this department of intestines? For clearing of a picture of the patient direct on the inspection called by an irrigoskopiya. In what a technique essence? Whether it is necessary to prepare for procedure? You receive answers to these and other questions in this article.
How to be prepared for a kolonoskopiya
Как подготовиться к колоноскопииSometimes at problems with a large intestine for specification of the diagnosis the doctor-proctologist channelizes the patient on the endoscopic inspection called by a kolonoskopiya. But how it is correct to be prepared for the forthcoming procedure that the expert who is carrying out it could examine intestines carefully? How to clean the intestines? will try to give readers necessary information.
Reasons and treatment of sleepwalking
Причины и лечение лунатизмаSleepwalking – the phenomenon frequent, but every time causing a fright and generating the mass of myths. Once it was considered as a damnation or delusion, now to it there are quite logical explanations. What is sleepwalking from the point of view of medicine, what processes in an organism provoke it, and what reasons of sleepwalking?
Feeling of a lump in a throat, the reasons and treatment
Ощущение кома в горле, причины и лечениеIn stressful situations, at a disease of quinsy, and also in other cases each of us can have a feeling of a lump in a throat. Happens that periodically there is a feeling "something superfluous" in a throat, it becomes difficult to breathe. If this state turns in importunate, necessarily will reflect on the reasons of this phenomenon and as it is effective to get rid of it.
What is the angiography
Что такое ангиографияBlood on all organism moves by the elastic tubular educations called by blood vessels. They too can be subject to pathologies. To understand what exactly happens to vessels in a body of the person, helps physicians an angiography. In what the essence of this exact research when it is appointed as it is carried out – will tell about it.
Set for washing of a nose Dolfin
Набор для промывания носа ДолфинIt is difficult to breathe when the nose is bunged up. Especially, if everything is complicated by antritis or sinusitis. Now doctors in similar cases in increasing frequency recommend eliminative therapy, that is a method of washing of a nose at which from a mucous membrane of the nasal courses the particles (bacteria, viruses and other agents) causing its inflammation are removed. For these purposes the set Dolfin is successfully used.
First aid at a sunstroke
Первая помощь при солнечном удареWith approach of a warm season even more often there is a risk to fall a victim solar or a heatstroke. And it is absolutely unimportant where you are – on a sandy beach in the far-away country or on a kitchen garden in the suburbs. The sun imperceptibly influences an organism and if in time not to take a security measure, the probability of deplorable consequences is great.
Advantage and harm of medical hypnosis
Польза и вред лечебного гипнозаThe history of application of medical hypnosis totals many centuries. Ancient healers traditionally accompanied treatment with suggestion elements. In modern medicine medical hypnosis is successfully used in medical psychology, and also in psychotherapy – in the form of hypnotherapy.
What is doppler sonography
Что такое допплерографияOne of modern ultrasonic methods of research is doppler sonography. There is also shorter name – a doppler. That allows to register this research in what its essence, what indications to procedure as it is carried out – will try to answer these questions in this article.
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