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Help section on drugs. We will tell, what medicines (tablets, ointments and so forth) use for treatment of various diseases. Instructions and contraindications to application.
Drugs: all articles
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Askorutin's application
Применение АскорутинаIn a drugstore among the multi-colored packings placed on a shelf with vitamins it is possible to see "modest" Askorutin. In this vitamin means the combination of two vitamins – askorbinka and routine that was reflected and in the name is presented.
Instruction on Tsetrin's application
Инструкция по применению ЦетринаThe effective, considered as the safest for elimination of symptoms of an allergy preparation Tsetrin now actively is advertized in mass media. It is included into group of the selective antihistaminic preparations operating selectively. Relieving of allergic reactions, this means does not show strong sedative action, the central nervous system it does not oppress.
How to apply Infagel
Как применять ИнфагельHaving got to a human body, the artful virus of herpes remains in it for many years. Unfortunately, the medicine did not find yet such means which could expel this virus. But now there are preparations helping to keep a situation under control if the virus suddenly "woke up" and tries to prove to be in full "beauty". Here then urgently it is necessary to use Infagel.
Mastodinon's application
Применение МастодинонаThe homeopathic medicine Mastodinon made from natural components actively is used at treatment of women at whom the cystous and fibrous mastopatiya is revealed, there are violations of a menstrual cycle and signs of a premenstrual syndrome are brightly expressed. The preparation is also recommended in complex therapy of the infertility connected with insufficient function of a yellow body of ovaries.
How to accept Tsiston
Как принимать ЦистонThe diseases of kidneys which often are followed by pains, hypostases can seriously worsen quality of life. Now pathological changes in bodies of an urinary system, stones, inflammations are found not only in elderly people, but also young and even at children's age.
Avamis, instruction on application
Авамис, инструкция по применениюWith arrival of spring when start warming warm sunshine, people leave a countryside more actively. One go on forest glades to have a rest, gain strength, to arrange picnic. And others hurry on the country sites – there and air is purer and garden put a plenty. But what to undertake at whom during this period of pollen and violence of natural aromas the allergy begins?
Galavit's application
Применение ГалавитаOur health in many respects depends on immunity. And if components of immune system do not cope with the duties, diseases develop. Then protective forces of an organism start functioning on a limit of the opportunities, keeping "watch" practically without rest. Immunity is capable to modify, "feed up", to supply it with new forces a domestic preparation under the name "Galavit".
Umkalor's application
Применение УмкалораMany parents note that as soon as they sent the kid to kindergarten, soon noticed that he often began to catch a cold – that palatal almonds redden, cold constant, cough will become attached. Also there is no opportunity periodically to take "sick-list" how after all to help the child? Today will acquaint readers with vegetable means under the name "Umkalor".
Bronkhipret, instruction on application
Бронхипрет, инструкция по применениюIf during catarrhal diseases in the top or deeply being departments of airways the viscous phlegm accumulates, the organism reacts to it cough. The air stream at cough "throws out" not only slime, but also the particles alien to an organism irritating a mucous membrane of the nasal courses. But what to undertake when cough becomes not harmless "cleaning" procedure?
Use of Tamiflu
Применение ТамифлюIn recent years the preparation of Tamiflu surely wins the pharmaceutical markets of the different countries of the world. The producer and clinical experts position it as one of the best means in fight against the viruses causing flu. will prompt, from where there was a preparation, when and as to apply it.
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