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Councils and consultations for gynecology. Articles about female health, about gynecologic diseases, etc. And also everything that is connected with obstetrics (maintaining and preparation for pregnancy and childbirth).
Gynecology: all articles
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Treatment of cold at pregnancy
Лечение простуды при беременностиCold, dampness, differences of temperatures – all this conducts to developing of a SARS or as it is called in the people, – colds. This disease especially is dangerous to pregnant women which organism is so weakened. Therefore it is necessary to know preventive measures and methods of treatment not to do harm to the child.
What is the lyuteinovy phase
Что такое лютеиновая фазаPractically each healthy woman of reproductive age in an organism has monthly hormonal reorganizations which it is accepted to call a menstrual cycle. Periodic changes in activity of sexual system divide into three main phases, each of which plays an important role in creation of possibility of conception of new life.
Kurantil's application at pregnancy
Применение Курантила при беременностиPregnancy planning – very responsible period in lives of future mother, and all possible problems doctors try to warn in advance. For example, often to the woman appoint not only a course of hormonal therapy and vitamins, but also Kurantil, a preparation for decrease in risk of formation of blood clots.
Terzhinan at pregnancy
Тержинан при беременностиPregnancy is not only nine months of thrill of anticipation of the child, but also the period of treatment of different diseases which arose against the weakened immunity. During this period it is especially terrible to woman to take any medicine, she worries, whether they will do much harm to health of the kid. But doctors appoint only reliable tools, such as Terzhinan.
Treatment of endometriosis
Лечение эндометриозаIn modern medical practice such gynecologic disease as endometriosis very often meets. Its timely identification and treatment will help to avoid many complications therefore it is extremely important to women to know, what symptoms characterize this illness and why it arises. We will try to answer the questions posed in this article.
What is the fertile days
Что такое фертильные дниTo avoid undesirable pregnancy – or, on the contrary, to get long-awaited posterity, it is necessary to possess information on opportunities of the body and a condition of an organism. Many women know about a calendar method of planning of pregnancy though not all are familiar with the term "fertile days".
Magnesia at pregnancy
Магнезия при беременностиPregnancy not always proceeds easily and without complications. Sometimes the woman should go to hospital to keep life to the child. And there by it almost without fail appoint the Magnesium preparation sulfate (magnesia). Doctors still did not come to a consensus to the account of this medicine that it bears more for an organism: advantage or harm.
Application of a papaverine at pregnancy
Применение папаверина при беременностиPregnancy is at the same time both the wonderful, and difficult period for each woman. This real test because except disorders for health of the kid, every week the woman is exasperated by various indispositions. And after all it is impossible to apply drugs practically and if it is possible – that their choice is limited.
Application of No-shpy at pregnancy
Применение Но-шпы при беременностиThe opinion on reception of the preparation No-shpa during pregnancy was shared: one claim that it is strictly forbidden to accept, the second that in limited quantities, and the third consider that is perfect anything terrible in these small yellow tablets is not present. Today we will try to understand, on whose party the truth.
Means from inflow at women
Средства от приливов у женщинWhether it happened to you such – talk with subordinated (or the chief), sit at theater or go by the trolleybus, and here suddenly suddenly you are shrouded by a hot wave? And right there cheeks flare as if poppies color, on a forehead, the perspiration, on a neck and under mice streams sweat. And the back got wet. Feeling that you are about an oven with hot pies. And at once it becomes so awkward before people around …
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