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Hygiene of food

Councils and articles for system of healthy nutrition. You will find useful information for maintenance of a healthy lifestyle, the recommendation about food, including for children and pregnant women.
Hygiene of food: all articles
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Diet at a gastroduodenita
Диета при гастродуоденитеMedical diet – one of the main recommendations which the doctor suffering the gastroduodenity makes. And if the patient breaks a diet, hardly he will be helped by medicines. And here one diet even if not to apply medicines, is quite capable to improve a condition of the mucous membrane located in a stomach and a duodenum.
How to get rid of a compulsive overeating
Как избавиться от компульсивного перееданияThe compulsive overeating is the illness of the XXI century representing a regular pattern of meal at which the person is sated much however does not receive from this satisfaction. This habit is formed for many years, and negative consequences can do irreparable harm to an organism.
Diet for pregnant women
Диета для беременныхIt is difficult to overestimate importance of healthy nutrition during incubation of the child. Pre-natal development of a fruit, but also and her own health depends on a diet of future mother. About the basic principles of a diet for pregnant women, and also we will talk about healthy and junk food in this article.
Menu of a diet of Ksenia Borodina
Меню диеты Ксении БородинойThe famous TV host Ksenia Borodina – the person public therefore she needs to watch herself always. A few years ago Ksyusha learned pleasure of motherhood, but, unfortunately, pregnancy was reflected in its figure not in the best way. Despite it, the girl managed to get it together and in some months could shine on the screen with faultless forms.
Chemical diet
Химическая диетаChemical diet – the diet most popular today calculated on four weeks. It is interesting to note that there was it thanks to clinical development of professor who researched problems of obesity at the people having diabetes.
Than the water-melon at pregnancy is useful
Чем полезен арбуз при беременностиJuicy and cool water-melon - one of the most favourite delicacies in an early autumn. Especially future mummies appreciate it, after all this sweet berry perfectly satisfies thirst, and its tastes will not leave indifferent any gourmet.
Water-melon diet
Арбузная диетаAmong a set of monogrocery diets water-melon is one of the most productive. But before putting the organism on such serious trial, it is worth being convinced of absence of contraindications and existence of iron will power. The water-melon diet helped many women to find a desired slim figure and to clear an organism of slags.
Food on the Ayurveda
Питание по АюрведеFollowers of the Ayurveda believe that the reasons of the majority of diseases are covered in violation of digestive process. Thereof cages do not receive due amount of nutrients therefore immunity and diseases freely decreases attack a body.
Fruit diet
Фруктовая диетаThe fruit diet is considered effective and at the same time very useful. Depending on a kind of a fruit diet, adhering to simple recommendations, in a week it is possible to throw off about 5-7 kilograms. Thus your good mood does not vanish. After all fruit, as we know, source of vitamins and microcells. And any fruit is vitamin-rich.
Diet Osama Hamdiya
Диета Усама ХамдияUnusual diet, interesting name and improbable result. Such trio is offered to the patients by professor from America – Osama Hamdy. The motto of this unique method is that the person does not starve and thus grows thin comfortably.
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