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Councils for the aid to a family. The questions connected with the rights and duties of each of family members, relatives. And also recommendations to parents on education of the child, a choice and purchase of children's goods, etc.
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Care of newborns
Уход за новорожденнымиThe birth of the child is a long-awaited and bewitching godsend. And being discharged from maternity hospital, young mother starts worrying, how well she will cope with new duties. To provide to the baby comfort and to protect its weak health, it is necessary to make every day hygienic leaving and cares of the child's dream.
How to teach the child to sit
Как научить ребенка сидетьTo the kid half a year will be executed soon, and he cannot sit down yet? You should not be afflicted. Have patience better and try to help it. Most of children by 6 months is not able to sit independently, but at this age it is possible to start it to train in this simple occupation. The main thing – to show accuracy and tenderness not to do much harm to a brittle backbone of the baby.
Substitute motherhood
Суррогатное материнствоIt is so conceived by the nature that the person seeks for continuation some kind of. But what to do if speaking to the modern language, "the program gives out a mistake". For many couples which cannot have children, the substitute motherhood becomes really the last ray of hope. But in too time for many people this phenomenon immoral and unnatural.
Computer dependence at children
Компьютерная зависимость у детейThe computer became an integral part of life of the modern person for a long time. He is the excellent assistant in study and in work. But in too time can cause a serious problem – computer dependence. Especially children suffer from it. How to define, whether the child suffers from this dependence and how to fight against it?!
How to teach the child to consider
Как научить ребенка считатьAll of us from a school bench know that the mathematician – the queen of sciences. It not for nothing carries such high title, after all mathematical calculations play large role in development of mental abilities of the child.
Guest marriage
Гостевой бракAt a turn of the millennia the attitude towards all traditional including habitual way of a family causes easy contempt in some couples cardinally exchanged. Today inadmissible earlier "civil" marriages enjoy popularity, "the Swedish families" (though even more often meet, of course, mainly abroad), everything is simpler the relation to free, guest marriages.
What to present to the newborn
Что подарить новорожденномуOn Earth the new person was born and the big pleasure came to the house. All are happy native and are anxious … And what to present to a small penis of a family? Many ask this question, to choose a gift for the newborn – a difficult task. And it is necessary to pick up a gift special that it was functional and useful.
Advantages and shortcomings of ready homeworks
Преимущества и недостатки готовых домашних заданийAll are familiar with the concept "homework" without exception school students and students. Of course, after all educational process after a call from the last lesson or couple does not come to an end – the pupil or the schoolgirl should grind away at the studies and houses.
What to do at a hiccups at the newborn
Что делать при икоте у новорожденногоAt last that long-awaited moment, when the kid of the house came. Mother and the father do not depart from it for a minute and listen to each sound. The child groans, snuffles, grumbles and … hiccups. The last sound for some reason frightens young parents most of all. But whether costs really because of a hiccups to parents to worry, knows about it.
Vomiting at newborns
Срыгивание у новорожденныхStatistically, nearly 70% of newborn children belch food. Sometimes it does not cause any fears, and sometimes mothers start worrying very strongly because sometimes nature of vomiting at the child happens very exciting. The site suggests to understand when and why your child can belch and in what cases it is best of all to address to the doctor.
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