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Make itself - councils that who likes to do by all the hands. Sewing, knitting, woodcarving and so forth you can apply talents to updating of furniture, sewing of clothes, bags, creations of jewelry, etc.
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How to knit socks spokes
Как вязать носки спицамиThe cozy warm woolen socks connected with love can become a good gift for all family members. If you not really often hold spokes in hand, but are able to gather loops and know, than differ front from back, this detailed lesson of knitting of the simplest socks will help with development of this occupation. We need 5 spokes and about 70-120 g of a yarn.
Wet fulling from wool, a master class
Мокрое валяние из шерсти, мастер-классNow the fulling from wool (or a felting, from English "felt" – felt, a fulling, tamping) became one of the most popular types of needlework. Main technicians of a fulling of wool: dry and wet. The equipment of a wet fulling, perhaps, is more loved by most of masters as allows to make large subjects of felt: scarfs, palatines, vests and so forth.
How to make a stained-glass window the hands
Как сделать витраж своими рукамиThe new technology of creation of a stained-glass window appeared about half a century thanks to the English company North Western Lead back. It is that on whole glass slices of a multi-colored film are glued, and on film joints from both parties of glass the decorative strips imitating a metal profile of a classical stained-glass window are imposed.
Welding of aluminum pipes: useful tips
Сварка алюминиевых труб: полезные советыAluminum — unloved all welders metal: welding of details from aluminum is interfaced to a number of specific difficulties. Especially for "" the Armmetall company which specializations are among also aluminum pipes, prepared a number of recommendations which will facilitate to the beginning welders work with aluminum pipelines and knots of cars.
Decoupage on glass, a master class
Декупаж на стекле, мастер-классMany asked a question: "What gift to present to the man who has everything / to the chief / modestly and with taste?". I think, the exclusive bottle of cognac will be such gift. And after its direct use it can be a magnificent interior thing for the chimney room. I offer idea of registration of a similar gift in equipment of a direct decoupage.
"Clear-out" in a garden: what to do with non-ferrous metal, slate and watering cans?
«Генеральная уборка» в саду: что делать с цветным металлом, шифером и лейками?Spring cleaning in a garden, arrangement of the bought old giving or the rural house which got by inheritance with a site — a difficult task and fast. However, she promises also pleasant bonuses: from increase in a useful area of a garden to chance to earn, having found "treasure" in the form of aluminum pipes or copper conducting and having learned the prices on reception of non-ferrous scrap.
Landscaping of a garden site the hands: councils of professionals
Ландшафтный дизайн садового участка своими руками: советы профессионалов— today such picture surely forces out a cozy and well-groomed garden with lawns, beds, green fences and a tiny pond in thoughts of most of summer residents of a bed, the greenhouse and other agrarian ambitions. Besides, it is possible to embody this imagination today and it is independent. In this article advice to the beginning landscape designers is given by the Mos gardening company.
How to sew curtains the hands
Как сшить шторы своими рукамиPresently it is possible to order beautiful curtains, it is possible to find salon in any city for every taste. However I undertook tailoring of curtains independently for several reasons. First, it is much cheaper. Secondly, to realize any idea. Thirdly, the choice of model and color, designing and tailoring of curtains is pleasant creative process.
Weaving of a basket from newspapers
Плетение корзины из газетWhen I for the first time saw a photo of the products weaved from newspaper tubules, to my surprise there was no limit. I would never think that beautiful baskets, boxes, vases and hats can turn out from... old newspapers! From admiration of creations of hands of masters, I passed to attempts to make something similar. My daughters in eager rivalry began to fill up me with orders for wattled products.
How to make a fir-tree of paper and coffee
Как сделать елку из бумаги и кофеVery soon the most favourite holiday New year, which main attribute – a New Year tree will come to us. You still have time, and you can quite surprise the guests with a design fir-tree, having created it literally "from anything". It is not obligatory to be the master in design at all, it is enough to prepare all necessary materials and tools and to connect the imagination to work.
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