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Repair and finishing

Councils for apartment renovation, houses. In the section you receive information about qualitative bathroom equipment, durable windows and doors, a tile, wall-paper, linoleum and so forth.
Repair and finishing: all articles
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Repair. In total on shelves
Ремонт. Все по полочкамSummer – a traditional time of holidays, fun, new emotions and bright impressions. However this hot time is also the leader in number of the carried-out repair work. Before starting repair, it is necessary to decide on its scales. Though quite often happens and so that the planned initially unpretentious updating of wall-paper involves serious "kapitalka".
Water supply in the private house: we choose the pump and pump station
Водоснабжение в частном доме: выбираем насос и насосную станциюThe dream was achieved. You got a ground or already ready structure. Want to create comfortable conditions for the family. One of the first tasks which should be solved is to adjust qualitative system of water supply and water disposal. Here not to do without use of the pump for pumping of water or pump station. We are interested in household units.
We choose the reliable and high-quality tool and construction equipment
Выбираем надежный и качественный инструмент и строительную техникуIn everyday life we often face various small repair, and having started global re-planning of the apartment or room, we understand that it is necessary to choose the most high-quality and durable tool from all offered range. Upon purchase we look at the so-called general quality marks, useful will be to consider also recommendations of friends and acquaintances.
Ceramic tile – quality and durability
Керамическая плитка – качество и долговечностьRepair is a word which does not leave indifferent anybody. Between these two events (the beginning and end) there are long days of thoughts: as what to choose a table, where to put a bed, with what color to paint walls, where to order and buy qualitative materials. Quality is especially important for finishing materials and today we will talk about a ceramic covering.
How to wash stretch ceilings
Как мыть натяжные потолкиChoice for tension cloths, despite their high cost, every third family which was solved on repair does. But very few people reflect as it is not simple to keep the created beauty and to look after it. Stretch ceilings, it to you not eternal plastic. Much, of course, depends on quality of cloths, but it does not change an essence. Pleases one – it is necessary to wash stretch ceilings necessarily.
As, as than it is correct to paint
Как, что и чем правильно краситьIf come into shop of goods for repair, the department of paint and varnish production will occupy not less than a quarter of the room. And, nevertheless, on the road to this shop will manage to see houses with the growing bare paint and rusty fences – all this was painted last year and will be again painted in it, with the same result. In this article we will tell than and how correctly to paint.
Installation of an electrical wiring in the apartment
Монтаж электропроводки в квартиреPractically everyone faced need to install electrical equipment to the room. Apartment renovation, construction of the house, connection of garage – yes you never know what situation could draw your attention to this article? You should not think that after its reading you will become the electrician of the third category, but will be able quite to carry out works on installation of a household electrical wiring.
Calculation and installation of an electroguard
Расчет и монтаж электрощиткаCapital repairs or finishing from scratch often should be combined with installation of an electrical wiring. Work this simple, but it is very important to know at least theory elements. The conducting made with too large supply of durability can become a cause of the fire. If you are mistaken in the opposite direction, it is necessary to turn on constantly back worked machine guns.
How to choose rolling shutters on windows
Как выбрать рольставни на окнаRolling shutters — quite young term in the dictionary of builders, designers, and the type of the windows closed from foreign eyes by metal "blinds" often is associated at us with shops and banks. Actually many owners of cottages, townhouses and even apartments reflect on buying rolling shutters on windows today. Let's consider features of their design.
We choose roofing materials: about the prices, thickness and polymers
Выбираем кровельные материалы: о ценах, толщине и полимерахChoosing a roof for a new roof and having faced an impressive variety in the market of building materials, it is enough to remember three major characteristics: appearance, service life and the prices of roofing materials between which it is necessary to find optimum balance. Depending on specific goals and tasks, it can be displaced towards this or that option.
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