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Articles about care of houseplants, flowers. Recommendations about cultivation of vegetables and fruit, useful tips according to the maintenance of a garden and kitchen garden.
Plants: all articles
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Kokhiya, landing and leaving
Кохия, посадка и уходIf in your garden or near the house already there are beds with the blossoming odnoletnik, for example, barkhatets, calendulas, petunias, asters, but there is a wish for something original, suggests to get acquainted with one more annual plant – magnificent bushes of a kokhiya. It quickly grows, looks very beautifully not only in the summer, but also during an autumn time.
Cultivation of an ipomea one-year
Выращивание ипомеи однолетнейIpomey – the bindweed, popular with many summer residents which is plentifully giving beautiful funnel-shaped flowers since June and before arrival of autumn frosts. This liana develops quickly, for short term can braid all arbor, a shed, a verandah, to turn a usual grid or a grill into bright "carpet". will share recommendations about cultivation from seeds of this bindweed.
Cultivation of cabbage of broccoli
Выращивание капусты брокколиIt is considered to be the homeland of broccoli the northeast of the Mediterranean. Still ancient Romans started cultivating this type of cabbage as vegetable culture. And here the Russian summer residents began to try to grow up this cabbage rather recently. And with surprise noticed that a crop from it it is possible to receive even more, than from her relative – a cauliflower.
Threshed, landing and leaving
Молодило, посадка и уходThreshed is a decorative perennial from family tolstyankovy. Extraordinary beautiful plant differing in a rich variety of forms and colourings of fleshy leaves. Molodilo quietly transfers the droughty periods, is capable to adapt for various climatic conditions, even the severe. In a garden will tell of features of cultivation of this unusual plant.
Advantage and harm of a kohlrabi
Польза и вред кольрабиWhite, a cauliflower on beds of our gardeners you will meet much more often than a kohlrabi. And after all this "stem (or cabbage) turnip" as call it in the European countries to grow up much more simply. And the crop can be reaped in June. And all the matter is that not all know, how this kind of cabbage is useful. Let's try to meet lacks in knowledge.
Cultivation of a root celery
Выращивание корневого сельдереяGreens and korenye of an odorous celery are used at preparation of different dishes and for treatment of a number of diseases of digestive system, heart, diabetes, dermatitis, the allergic small tortoiseshell, kidneys … The celery is useful and at obesity, problems with a potentiality. Will tell of features of cultivation of this vegetable.
Sweet pea, landing and leaving
Душистый горошек, посадка и уходWhy summer residents like to put a sweet pea on the sites? Yes because modern grades of these lianas differ in a variety of colourings, large flowers, a beautiful form and gentle aroma. Besides, this plant well is suitable for climate of an average and northern strip of Russia.
Cabbage of a kohlrabi, cultivation and leaving
Капуста кольраби, выращивание и уходAt the kohlrabi relating to family cabbage you will not see a habitual head of cabbage. Instead of it at this culture strongly reinforced lower part of a stalk is eaten. It is called stebleplody. Having looked at such creation of the nature, many find in it similarity to turnip. At skillful leaving it is possible to receive for a season till three crops of "stem turnip".
Useful properties of broccoli
Полезные свойства брокколиBroccoli, the relative of a cauliflower, nutritionists and physicians actively recommend to include in the menu more often. She will help to lose extra kilos, will prevent emergence of serious diseases, will remove aging of an organism. Inhabitants of America increased amount of the broccoli used by them by nine times now. Than this vegetable is valuable? suggests to understand everything.
Cultivation of parsley from seeds
Выращивание петрушки из семянTo diversify and fill our daily dishes with vitamins and original notes spicy herbs help. Among them fennel, a basil, a tarragon, caraway seeds, a coriander. And, of course, parsley! We assure you, our dear readers that that parsley which is grown up on the bed, is much more beautiful, more fragrant and is more tasty, than bought in shop.
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