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Councils for a choice of furniture for the house and office. In the section there is a useful information about cases, sofas, tables and chairs of different function, and also about beds and many other things.
Furniture: all articles
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How to clean a sofa in house conditions
Как почистить диван в домашних условияхSofa, perhaps, one of the most demanded home decoration. And because of special popularity it is often soiled, quickly acquires spots and specks. Agree, units of models of upholstered furniture provide a replaceable upholstery, many people do not recognize covers and plaids therefore the question of cleaning of a sofa is particularly acute often extremely.
Sliding wardrobe: how unmistakably to choose the necessary furniture?
Шкаф-купе: как безошибочно выбрать нужную мебель?The furniture is in each apartment – someone prefers a practicality and functionality, someone on the first place puts exclusive design and unique style, and someone seeks to arrange rooms in the dwelling with the smallest damage to the family budget.
Natural tree furniture
Мебель из натурального дереваThroughout many centuries the tree was one of the main materials for production of furniture. And now, despite technical progress and a set of various materials, wood is not less popular.
How to clean a carpet in house conditions
Как почистить ковер в домашних условияхCarpets and oriental carpets are soiled very quickly. And even, if you do not see noticeable pollution, it does not mean that a carpet ideally pure. In fibers dust and parts of dirt gathers, and it is the ideal environment for development not friendly to the person of microorganisms. Therefore it is necessary to clear a carpet regularly and we will tell how to make it in house conditions.
How to choose furniture for an office
Как выбрать мебель для кабинетаAllocation of the room under an office usually is required to those who often works in house conditions: to businessmen, writers, scientists. The furniture for an office not only provides functionality, but also often reflects character of the owner. Beautiful, qualitative and expensive subjects of furniture testify to the prosperity which is given rise from ability to run business.
Assembly of doors of a sliding wardrobe
Сборка дверей шкафа-купеDoors for a sliding wardrobe often do of mirrors or color glass. Flew down even more often or the mirror is combined with the chipboards elements. Here and we decided to make doors for a case such that the mirror was in the middle. I offer step-by-step the instruction from a photo on assembly of doors for such case. Difficult anything is not present, it is important to know some subtleties about which we also will talk today.
Independent assembly of a sliding wardrobe
Самостоятельная сборка шкафа-купеThis article is written with purely informative purpose for men who are capable to make a lot of things the hands. Last year I made 2 sliding wardrobes – one for a bedroom, the second for a corridor. Also I want to declare to you that decently saved (by approximate calculations on everyone to 500 dollars). I will try to paint step by step all process of production of a case and to illustrate.
How to arrange a bedroom
Как обставить спальнюBedroom – the special room. This vacation spot, dream, privacy and tenderness. And nothing has to break harmonies – the creaking door, neither unsuccessful lighting, nor surplus of furniture. In the rooms filled unnecessary furniture the feeling of shortage of air and space is created. The knowledge of rules of furniture of a bedroom considerably will simplify this, at first sight, complex challenge.
How to choose a blanket
Как выбрать одеялоBefore buying a blanket, it is necessary to be defined that in this product it is important for you: reliability, durability, practicality. It is also necessary to understand that the good blanket will not cost not much, but, even having been spent, you can get a blanket which will not serve decades. For this reason it is necessary to be guided well in types of fillers for blankets.
As modern Italian cuisines from a tree look: review of actual tendencies
Как выглядят современные итальянские кухни из дерева: обзор актуальных тенденцийWhat associations cause in you the words "Italian cuisine"? If gourmets think of a lasagna and mascarpone, those who plans to make repair, for certain will remember about magnificent Italian kitchen fonts from a tree in classical or country style. Today we will talk about what furniture choose for the kitchens Italians who love and know how to cook.
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