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Culinary recipes of dishes and useful tips on their preparation. You learn how to cook various soups and salads, meat and fish, garnishes and sauces, desserts and cocktails. National dishes and their ornament.
Cookery: all articles
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How to make kefir in house conditions
Как сделать кефир в домашних условияхCounters of grocery shops dazzle with the various range of dairy products. Among them the worthy place is taken by sour-milk production. The term of realization of factory kefir makes from three to seven days. But how to learn "age" of a useful product that the use of kefir brought only benefit?
Advantage and harm of hempy oil
Польза и вред конопляного маслаIn ancient times in Russia hempy oil was appreciated its nutritious properties and enormous advantage, however in the modern world of very few people knows about unique properties of this product. In the sixties the last century hemp was outlawed because of the content of narcotic substances, and aggressive promotion created negative idea of it.
How to become the vegetarian
Как стать вегетарианцемRecently people even more often began to pay attention to own health. It is shown not only in refusal of addictions, but also and in change of culture of food. The vegetarianism is positioned today as a way to keep health, beauty and youth but even if your desire the vegetarian to become very strong, to refuse meat absolutely not easy.
Recipes of snack to a table
Рецепты закусок к столуSnack on a table can be the most different. If you want to bring a variety your usual festive or daily menu, recipes of snack which I offer, will be useful to you. It is not difficult to prepare the described dishes, and the result very much will be pleasant to you.
Recipe of onions rings
Рецепт луковых колецThis simple and plain snack can be made within 20 minutes, and it is possible to treat the whole company, having spent a minimum of means. It will be a question of onions ringlets. Will be able to prepare tasty snack as beginning, and the skilled culinary specialist.
The recipe of the chicken baked in an oven
Рецепт курицы, запеченной в духовке"How to bake chicken in a foil in an oven?", – you ask. Actually it only seems difficult business. If it is simple to bake chicken meat without any adaptations, it will turn out dryish. Another matter – to bake in a foil. Such juicy, tasty, fragrant, and, above all – useful and low-fat chicken surely will be pleasant to you and your relatives whom you treat.
How to prepare Russian cabbage soup
Как приготовить щиRussian cabbage soup is one of the few dishes which each hostess has to know how to cook. Traditional Russian food long since was considered as a criterion of homeliness and family wellbeing. If in the house Russian cabbage soup cooks, so there is a love, care and prosperity. There is a set of recipes of Russian cabbage soup which passed from father to son.
Recipe of carrot cakes
Рецепт морковных кексовCarrot is all favourite vegetable. Perhaps, any vegetable is not eaten in such quantity as crude carrots. Besides that it can be grated and mixed with apple and dried fruits, from carrots it is possible to prepare a lot more interesting dishes. One of such unusual, but very tasty and useful – carrot cakes.
The products containing cellulose
Продукты, содержащие клетчаткуIt appears if people paid more attention to the cellulose use, it would be possible to avoid many diseases of digestive system with ease. But informing nevertheless is more aimed at importance of proteins, carbohydrates and other nutrients and vitamins B our diet. And after all cellulose is not less important battery.
Advantage and harm of mustard
Польза и вред горчицы Many are familiar with saturated burning smack of this seasoning, but not everyone knows that its application is not limited to the gastronomic sphere. Useful properties of mustard of one hundred years helped to treat diseases, and its specific influence did harm at the inept address. In total about advantage and harm of mustard you learn from this article.
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