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Councils for a choice and maintenance of pets of all species and breeds. Read about care of cats and dogs, parrots and rodents, small fishes and reptiles: as it is correct to feed, about diseases and their treatment.
Pets: all articles
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Neon, contents and leaving
Неоны, содержание и уходSmall and brisk neon will become worthy ornament for any aquarium. Having seen a motley flock of these small fishes against juicy-green seaweed, you will not be able to look away from their brilliant backs for a long time. How to look after such beauty?
How to look after a triton
Как ухаживать за тритономExotic representatives of the wild nature in city apartments today not a rarity therefore recently at zooforums the questions concerning the contents and care of spiders, snakes, raccoons, dwarfish monkeys and other "overseas" animals even more often meet. As a rule, the animal is more unusual, the it is more delicate and more difficult than the rule of its contents.
Bald breeds of dog
Лысые породы собакIn the world there are more than 400 breeds of dog. All of them differ in the appearance and the size enough. Very originally some breeds of dog at all deprived of wool look in this list.
Care of a dog of breed Samoyed
Уход за собакой породы самоедThe Samoyed – the reduced, more widespread name of a samoyed (laika) who belongs to the ancient shpitseobrazny. Snow-white wool, black eyes and a benevolent smile – such see the Samoyed people around. It is possible for this reason representatives of this breed every day become more and more popular.
Office breeds of dog
Служебные породы собакGuard dogs are strong and hardy animals, they are developed physically and possess a set of certain psychological qualities. These animals are ready to work in any conditions, and, anything especially without demanding in exchange from the person for the sincere and self-sacrificing help.
Kinds of a breed of dog mastiff
Разновидности породы собак догAt only one mention of dogs of breed "mastiff" we represent at once the huge, powerful, strong animal full of own advantage and nobility. Representatives of this breed are not aggressive – it simply is not necessary to them, after all only one appearance of these dogs to force to retire the stranger who attempted upon good of the owner suffices.
Rare cat breeds
Редкие породы кошекToday there is a huge number of cat breeds – more than hundred. That is remarkable, even presently when, apparently, the choice of the moustached-striped is significantly various, selectors continue to remove new breeds. Clear business that too strongly cats cannot differ by the size, the poet selectors should put a lot of effort really "to invent" unique creation.
Maintenance of a dog Bern sennenhund
Содержание собаки бернский зенненхундThe Bern sennenhund is an ideal dog partner. Breed has some names – the Bern sheep-dog, the Bern shepherd's dog or the Swiss mountain dog. This large dog not only is very beautiful – he is a good-natured person at heart and possesses quiet and balanced character.
How to treat cold at a dog
Как лечить насморк у собакиIt is considered to be that the moist nose of a canine friend testifies to his fine health. It is the truth, but only partly. Excessively wet nose together with sneezing and a peculiar "grunting" sounds at the pet – eloquent signs of that barbos ached.
Maintenance of the Newfoundland dog
Содержание ньюфаундлендаNewfoundland dog – a dog rescuer well-known for the whole world. But, unlike St. Bernards who rescue tourists highly in mountains, elements of the Newfoundland dog – water. Not without reason the second "national" name of this breed – "diver". Despite the bulky look, this shaggy handsome very quick and fast – is able not only to swim, but also to dive.
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