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Interior design

Councils and original design decisions on registration of your apartment. Beautiful curtains and blinds, false and stretch ceilings will decorate and will add feeling of a cosiness to your house.
Interior design: all articles
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Interior in style a fusion
Интерьер в стиле фьюжнQuite often planning repair, we cannot be defined up to the end that in the final we would like to see. If you refer yourself to the same category of people, so you definitely need some modern style as these directions have no tough rules. They allow to combine the most various subjects in an interior and give simply huge scope for self-expression.
Interior in the Mediterranean style
Интерьер в средиземноморском стилеThe Mediterranean style is a cosiness, comfort and simplicity. Today this style enjoys wide popularity in Europe as it combines various motives: here to you both Greece, and Turkey, both Egypt, and Spain, both France, and Italy.
Japanese style in an interior
Японский стиль в интерьереToday the interior of the house or apartment can be made practically in any style, and among judges of east culture it is considered one of styles most popular today Japanese style. The basic rule of this style is: "anything superfluous and casual".
Mirrors in an interior
Зеркала в интерьереIf earlier the mirror in the apartment or the house was at most in a bathroom and a hall, well or if carries, in a bedroom, today the mirror, seemingly usual and banal subject, is used as additional ornament in an interior.
Style an empire style in an interior
Стиль ампир в интерьереThe empire style is a style in architecture and in art which appeared at the beginning of the nineteenth century in France when the country Napoléon I Bonaparte operated. This style call the highest point and the last chord of style classicism which arose in the 18th century.
Baroque style in an interior
Стиль барокко в интерьереBaroque is considered one of the most difficult and thus significant styles in the history of art. Meant some art historical and regional styles relating in the European culture by baroque.
How to equip small kitchen
Как обустроить маленькую кухнюIn life of the modern person the space plays very important role. It is most convenient and productive to use each free corner of the available space. And it is unimportant as this or that room is used. Let's consider problems of deficiency of space on the example of such important room in daily occurrence as kitchen.
Chandelier choice for a stretch ceiling
Выбор люстры для натяжного потолкаLamps and chandeliers play not the last role during the modeling and registration of an interior in any room. The total atmosphere very depends on that settles down on a ceiling as the illuminant.
Re-planning of a five-storey apartment block
Перепланировка хрущевкиPurchase of real estate – a cherished dream for many. And if to approach acquisition of own square meters with all responsibility, the apartment has to be large-size and with a big kitchen, with a separate bathroom and not adjacent rooms, and it is even better – two-level and with the pool on a loggia …
Pictures in an interior
Картины в интерьереFor a long time the person seeks to live not simply in heat and the place protected from enemies, but still thus and in beauty and a cosiness. Still ancient Greeks decorated the monophonic dwellings with bright drawings and carpets. Romans too had a tradition to contain the house in a cosiness, for this purpose they invited the same Greeks, as best masters of the time, for finishing of walls a mosaic and a list.
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