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Articles concerning civil, housing, tax, labor and other branches of the right. Help in paperwork, explanation of provisions of contracts, etc. legal issues.
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Inaction of bailiffs
Бездействие судебных приставовYou receive the judgment on collection of debt. Pass months, and blood you did not return. You address for explanations in district department of Federal Bailiff Service, but hear only muffled answers of the police officer-performer it is entrusted to them to be engaged in your business. You should not despair, force the police officer to act not only it is possible, but also it is necessary.
Unilateral change of conditions of the employment contract
Одностороннее изменение условий трудового договора At employment the employer and the worker sign the employment contract which reflects conditions of their cooperation. But everything changes, and there comes such moment when the employer has a need for change of earlier reached agreements. Whether the employer has the right to change then conditions of the employment contract unilaterally (without the worker's consent)?
Establishment and contest of paternity
Установление и оспаривание отцовстваPresently establishment of the one who will reckon as the child's father with all from this the following legal consequences, is in details regulated by a set of legal instructions, to understand which artful designs without special preparation not always happens simply. The speech about establishment and contest of paternity.
Rules of change of a name by the minor
Правила перемены имени несовершеннолетним лицомRecently, considering popularity of civil marriages, and also the increased number of divorces, rather often rises a question of change of a surname of children. Let's consider, what order is established in the legislation for change of a surname of minors. Let's begin conversation with a question how to change a surname of the child if on that is a consent of both parents.
Order of an appeal to the court
Порядок обращения в судPeople appeal to court owing to various reasons. This violated right or the challenged right is more often, is more rare – some claims and responses for the claim. All rights and duties of participants of process throughout consideration of the case are regulated by agrarian and industrial complex of the Russian Federation, the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation, GPK Russian Federation. I advise to hold these books at myself on a table, the standards, provisions concerning an appeal to the court are stated in them.
Agreement on the section of property or marriage contract?
Соглашение о разделе имущества или брачный контракт?The marriage contract, the agreement on the section of property of spouses – these concepts was included into our life for a long time. Even more often the former spouses, being on the verge of divorce, try to settle independently the relations with the help of these documents, without resorting to an appeal to the court. That represent these contracts – we will try to understand this article.
Refusal of the alimony
Отказ от алиментовI repeatedly had to face mummies, the raising children without financial support from fathers of kids. This decision is a choice of two adults taking or declining all responsibility according to the maintenance of the child. In my opinion, it is necessary to weigh several times all pros and cons, making the decision on refusal of the alimony.
Independent protection in court
Самостоятельная защита в судеSo, you are subpoenaed as the respondent. It is possible to wave, of course, a hand and not to go anywhere. Many and do. Whether it is necessary to speak, what even the most objective and most honest judge deprived of opportunity to see a problem from all directions can make the decision not in your advantage? Nevertheless it is better to be protected independently, than not to be protected absolutely.
Patent order of registration
Порядок регистрации патентаEach person who created something unique, has the right to take out the patent for the creation. It can be the invention, useful model, an industrial sample. For obtaining the patent it is necessary to submit the application to Rospatent with desire to register the rights and to prove that before anything similar it was created by nobody.
What to do if you were shortchanged in shop
Что делать, если вас обсчитали в магазинеWhat do we hope to find, crossing a threshold of shop? First of all, of course, qualitative goods which with interest will help us to feel more satisfied and joyful. Still we, certainly, study price tags, constantly comparing goods with expenses. But, it appears, at the time of calculation and there is a majority of disputable situations.
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