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To the motorist

Useful tips, both for the beginning motorists, and for skilled drivers. Articles of the section will help upon purchase of auto accessories, will tell about driving of a car, how to watch it and so forth things.
To the motorist: all articles
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How to avoid road accident?
Как избежать ДТП?So, whether it is possible to avoid so unpleasant event or it after all inevitability? Here also we will try to answer this, very ambiguous question. At least, we will try to find out how to make probability of it less. And so, if to trust statistics, the road accident reasons, it is possible to draw a conclusion what it is possible to avoid it in most cases.
Non-standard installation of anticreeping system
Нестандартная установка противоугонной системыAlready you will surprise nobody with existence of the alarm system in the car. Unfortunately, not strongly are surprised with its existence and those who makes illegal actions. Of course, there is no panacea from stealing, unless if you have no car. But it is possible, to complicate a task, so to win time. For a start let's understand for what the autoalarm system and what its efficiency is necessary.
Councils for a wash of the car
Советы по мойке автомобиляThe car though is not so exacting to purity, but too needs periodic cleaning. Of course, if you wash the iron horse on a sink HUNDRED, this article not necessary can seem to you, but you should not close a window of your browser. Perhaps, your expensive car is washed incorrectly and it is worth looking for other station. So, why to wash a car?
Страхование автомобиля: ОСАГО и КАСКОInsurance of the car today one of the most topical issues for each motorist. The increased volume of cars, and together with them and accidents, disposes to seriously to reflect how to compensate itself damage after road accident or to pay off with the owner of expensive foreign car if you inadvertently scratched it "an iron horse".
Councils for operation of the accumulator
Советы по эксплуатации аккумулятораHere you bought the accumulator, and what further? If nevterpezh, it is already possible to put and use. Happens that such need arises in way at sudden failure of the old battery (B). But, if does not "burn", then it is better to wait a little more that guarantees the correct and long operation.
Councils for operation of the car in the winter
Советы по эксплуатации автомобиля зимойIn the winter landing the car becomes inconvenient because of bulky warm clothes. And comfortableness not at height, when glasses in hoarfrost, and in salon kolotun. But if you already implemented all our recommendations and made a car ready for the winter, and inside warmly, and ice is not terrible. Here the car fully equipped would seem, but you should not fall into euphoria.
Preparation of the car for winter, ch.3
Подготовка автомобиля к зиме, ч.3It is necessary to prepare the car in advance, when still warmly. We already covered the most part of process of preparation of the car by winter in the previous articles. However, and there is more to come. Out of a field of our attention there were not less important a system of heating, system of ignition and the accumulator. Also we will begin with it rather we will continue to speak about preparation of your car for winter.
Preparation of the car for winter, ch.2
Подготовка автомобиля к зиме, ч.2As it is known the winter period of year leaves a certain mark on operation of the car. Change not only road conditions, but also kind of work of the engine, knots and units. In the maintenance instruction of the Russian cars it is proud it appears – the temperature range of operation of the car from minus 40 °C. But by detailed consideration it will cause laughter.
Preparation of the car for winter, p.1
Подготовка автомобиля к зиме, ч.1Not far off winter? Then you, maybe, already were also late with preparation of the car for this severe time of the city. As they say, it is necessary to prepare sledge in the summer. It is practical and more pleasantly, than on a frost. By consideration of problems of winter operation of a car of will be guided by average values – moderate humidity and temperature to minus 30 °C.
Service regulations of the gas cylinder car
Правила эксплуатации газобаллонного автомобиляHere you became the happy owner of the gas cylinder car but how now to include this gas? And how it is correctly to make it? Needless to say that the cylinder has to be filled with gas. How many to fill and how? Give about everything one after another.
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