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Councils and useful information from what it is better to download programs for your computer, a PDA or mobile. Read reviews of interesting software for work with video, music, the Internet in this section.
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Review of operating systems
Обзор операционных системDaily working with the computer, we do not even reflect that we force to work with one pressing of a key the most difficult logic, we open and we close a set of the hidden programs and functions. We reflect on an operating system only when we do not have enough functions when there are new versions of already used OS.
Training of the child by means of the computer
Обучение ребенка при помощи компьютераInformation technologies were included so strong into our world that we, perhaps, also will not imagine the life without computers, mobile phones, household appliances. Technologies and reached that sphere of activity which many of us consider very important – to training of children. Already exists and to this day appears more and more the games directed on training of the child.
Video-tape editing in Adobe Premiere CS5
Видеомонтаж в Adobe Premiere CS5If you already tested the methods of the elementary installation given in the article "Video-tape Editing Bases" for certain want to learn how it is possible to receive ready video in more interesting and fascinating look, than at you it would turn out at simple "gluing together" of joints. We will make operations on the example of the same Adobe Premiere CS5.
Control of remote access
Настройка удаленного доступаSometimes there are such force majeur circumstances when we forget to copy, say, data with house on the working personal computer. Or we go to business trip, and someone from relatives is urgently needs the help in setup of the browser. What to do? It is possible to realize the relevant decision by means of ensuring remote access to the necessary computers.
Programs for sorting of music
Программы для сортировки музыкиToday, when on computers of users music gigabytes are stored, and the problem of its sorting began to be felt rather sharply. The greatest inconvenience is created by files under the name "Track_01". As a rule, we solve this problem, sorting files manually, listening to the file, governing tags and names. But for a long time there is a mass of programs for this purpose.
How to write down the song of the house
Как записать песню домаAll like to sing? And never dreamed to write down the creation? No, no, dictophones, LIVE versions is, of course, one, but what if to treat record of a song professionally? I will not weary readers expectations. Let's start. We need rather modern computer, a microphone, earphones and the program for record and editing audio.
What to put the Windows 7 version
Какую поставить версию Windows 7It is no secret that today all great popularity among the PC users preferring operating systems from Microsoft is won by Windows 7 OS. The system works quicker, thus consuming less resources, than Windows Vista. And at this Windows 7 it is possible to put practically on any modern computer, even the netbook – and it on will be mute to work.
Video-tape editing bases
Основы видеомонтажаHere the captured video is already copied on the hard drive of the computer. And what with it to do is farther? To watch everything, including unfortunate shots – unattractive occupation. What way out can be found of this situation? Video files – not text documents, them just like that you will not edit. But, fortunately, there are editors and for videos in which it is possible to make installation.
Converting of video for the mobile
Конвертация видео для мобильногоOne of opportunities of the modern mobile phone is a reproduction of video. For certain almost each user in phone has some videos. The mobile phone is after all not the computer. Even if it supports function of reproduction of video, it has a number of restrictions practically in all respects – to video format, the size...
Rewriting of a two-layer disk (from DVD-9 in DVD-5)
Перезапись двухслойного диска (из DVD-9 в DVD-5)The cost of a blank disk of DVD-9 is comparable to the cost of several blank disks of DVD-5. Capacity of a two-layer disk is only twice more, than single-layer. One of the most popular programs for copying and compression of DVD video is the CloneDVD2 program. In the examples reviewed further the version of the CloneDVD program is used.
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