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You will find in the section how to create and adjust a local network and Internet access. Including councils for a choice and control of the network equipment, software, reviews of providers and hostings.
Internet and networks: all articles
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How to increase trust of users to the resource
Как повысить доверие пользователей к своему ресурсуIn the conditions of modern "online" of the market and high level of competitiveness of some commercial niches, it is the extremely important that your site was ideal in the opinion of the average user. Of what it is worth thinking? The site has to be convenient and functional exactly in that degree that it did not disturb your potential buyer, to the client or the partner to find that is necessary for it.
How to make a collage of photos online
Как сделать коллаж из фотографий онлайнCreation of a collage became some kind of art. In each case ourselves decide that will be present at a collage. To make a collage, only the computer, and the main thing is necessary, it is not obligatory to be able to use difficult programs. By means of online services, just and the photos intended for fast pasting, it is possible to make a beautiful collage in only some clicks.
Earnings on an exchange of electronic currencies
Заработок на обмене электронных валютThe number of various ways of earnings of money in a network considerably concedes to similar number in offline, but it nevertheless is very great. It is possible to earn most, and it is possible to invest the means under percent. Let's consider one of types of earnings on the Internet which, it is possible to tell, it is extremely important in a network – earnings on an exchange of electronic currencies.
Work with documents in Google Docs
Работа с документами в Google DocsThe main concept of "cloudy" technologies is that information is stored and processed by means of the server, and the result of these calculations is provided to the user by means of the browser. Among the most popular – Google Docs. Service allows to create and edit text documents, tables, presentations, graphic files.
Earnings on file hosting services
Заработок на файлообменникахFilesharing assumes opportunity to share files which you have and can be useful to another. Similar services are ready to pay to users a certain sum of money for downloadings. Usually calculation goes for 1000 downloadings of one file and fluctuates on average from 3 to 25 dollars.
Search optimization and advance of the site
Поисковая оптимизация и продвижение сайтаAdvance of the site without binding to its subject – quite hot topic today. Also it is work consists not only in filling of texts of the site key inquiries, – now there was a set of much more effective methods on advance of the site on the Internet.
Creation and setup of the FTP server on the home PC
Создание и настройка FTP-сервера на домашнем ПКQuite often there are cases when we need to exchange files with someone in a network. For files of the small size it is possible to use mail. It is acceptable when its size does not exceed several megabytes. And if it is the movie or game, or archive with photos in some gigabyte?! Here we will also be come to the rescue by own FTP server.
Purchases in online stores
Покупки в интернет-магазинахFive years ago very few people thought of where it is better to make purchases. And now we reflect, whether it is better to buy, staying at home, but not to run on the city, trying to discover goods is cheaper. And, on the other hand, it seems dangerous – after all virtual purchase can remain virtual. As well as that it is possible to buy in a network we will tell in this material.
How to get rid of viruses extortioners
Как избавиться от вирусов-вымогателейAccording to Kaspersky Labs and Dr.Web viruses extortioners were the most widespread among harmful programs last year and break all records in a year real. You were very lucky if your computer is reliably protected and did not receive such "guest" yet.
How to shop on an evaa
Как делать покупки на еВауThe thing acquired at auction can be new, used, broken or in general a rarity which more anywhere will not manage to be bought. On an evaa the huge choice of everything is presented that in general the person can buy. Therefore our task now – to teach readers of to shop at auction.
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